Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Man Beats 8 week old child

A Shreveport man was arrested Tuesday for beating his 8-week-old child.
Samuel Jordan, 21, faces a charge of second degree battery, according to police.
The infant was taken to WK-Pierremont about 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday for having difficulty breathing. Doctors determined the child was suffering from severe head injuries and notified police.

Jordan was questioned and later booked into jail, according to police. The child remains in critical condition.

Charges against Jordan could be upgraded if the infant’s condition worsens.
Check for updates in The Times


  1. This is just disgusting. I was watching the news Monday and saw where a young girl just dropped her baby off at a homeless shelter.

  2. This P.O.S. simply needs a bullet in his head...about 24 hours after receiving a beating similar to what he gave that poor little girl.

    This animal needs to be taken out so he will never be able to influence another child's life and so taxpayers don't have to pay for his prison care.

  3. This is one sick bastard.. how can anyone hert a defenseless child.. he needs to die...


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