Monday, February 23, 2009

Bossier School System: No Accountability

"I'd like to have someone to do this: look at what we say we're supposed to do and then pull the reports to see if it's actually being done."
Ken Kruithof

A 2002 legislative audit pointed to problems with processing monetary disbursements — issues Superintendent Ken Kruithof said he'd rectify. Seven years later with a host of other money concerns, including employees' improper use of credit cards and missing money from school activity funds, the issues don't appear to be resolved. And the district doesn't have any new procedures in place to handle the recurring problems. Kruithof said the issues lie with some employees disregarding the rules, not the procedures themselves.
"We're waiting for the legislative auditor to give us some recommendations and our external auditor will give us some suggestions on what we need," Kruithof said. "It may be that we need additional personnel; we only have one internal auditor."
The legislative auditor gave those recommendations seven years ago - they have been ignored. This is almost surreal, it has an Alice in Wonderland quality to it.
We received these suggestions seven years ago, and now we're waiting for them to suggest it again before we act.
To repeat, the 'issues lie with some employees disregarding the rules'.
Whose job is it to see that employees follow the rules?
School Board, take heed.
Hire a new superintendent from outside the district and clean this mess up.
If you don't, the problems will continue and you will be held accountable.

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  1. No, the Alice in Wonderland scenario is when a citizen/taxpayer
    asks a pertinent question in a board meeting and everybody (including administration) becomes
    a mute. I cannot imagine the asst
    super (D C machen) in charge of all the vendors, purchasing and finance becoming the new Superintendent. That would be surreal.


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