Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jindal Flying High on Gambling $$$$

Governor Jindal has been flying all over the country holding fundraisers for his 2011 run for governor (not for president, wink wink). The poor fella hit a snag the other day when the plane that had been arranged to take him to North Carolina became unavailable. No problem, our boy has friends.
In an exclusive, The Old River Road reports that Jindal found alternate transportation:
The private jet, which seats seven, has a cost of $2,500 per hour! But not to worry — Jindal is not paying a dime. Rather, Alton Ashy, a fellow passenger on this trip and Louisiana’s top gambling lobbyist, is footing the bill.
A free ride to pick up fundraising checks in a private jet funded by the state’s top gambling lobbyist — now that’s something even ol’ Edwin would be proud of.
The Old River Road, in an attempt to keep up with our high-flying governor, has a new regular feature “Where’s Bobby?”. We will link it on our sidebar so you can keep up regularly.

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  1. we need a president from Louisiana. he cannot be president in 4 years if he does not start campaigning now. we are shooting ourselves in the foot if we don't support this gov. We will be the first state in history to bad mouth a gov who is running for president. WE NEED HIM TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL run at president. even if he loses in 2012 he is building political equity that can only help our state. I think you should share the information in your article, but change the tone. the people bashing bobby are not rebubs that are upset. They are dems trying to undermine his pres campaign. Please keep this in mind.
    Louisiana is in horrible shape and this young man took the reins and is making a difference. If he stays for eight years we will see change. If he stays for four he will have changed the tone of politics in louisiana.
    Cut him some slack and pray that he becomes the leader of the party and transisitions it into what it is supposed to be.


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