Monday, February 9, 2009

Judge denies motion for fair trial in Bastrop police killing trial

UPDATED: The Times changed the headline and the wording in the story about an hour after I made a comment on The Times website and our blog post went up.

Don't blame me, that's what The Times published this morning in its online edition. The story goes:

A judge has denied a motion for a fair trial against Tanya "Little Feather" Smith, the woman being tried in Bossier Parish in connection with the 2007 fatal shooting of two Bastrop police officers.
Smith, 25, told Ouachita-Morehouse Judge Scott Leehy from the stand that Ouachita deputies took her handwritten notes while she was being held there, and that they didn’t return all of them.
“We made copies of it, made it available to the defense and let (Smith’s defense attorney Louis Scott) go through it,” Ouachita-Morehouse prosecutor Gary Aykock said.
Leehy denied the request before going into recess until 1 p.m.

What are the Times editors thinking when they write these stories and headlines? Denied a motion for a fair trial????
Read the story here

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