Friday, February 13, 2009

Marsha McAllister qualifies for Bossier Council at-large seat

Marsha McAllister of Bossier City has injected a little interest into an otherwise largely uncontested race for Bossier City municipal offices.
Three candidates have qualifed for the seat being vacated by Dr. James Rogers, but this was expected.
The unexpected came this afternoon when Marsha McAllister, a resident of Greenacres Place, qualifed for the at-large council spot.
David Montgomery and Tim Larkin are the two incumbent at-large councilmen.
We will post more on the Bossier City elections this weekend.


  1. Thanks for the post Jim!
    My mother wants to be a voice for the citizens of Bossier. I am proud of her and look forward to a great campaign.

  2. If you didn't see The Times this morning, read the editorial:


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