Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let the Bossier School Board know what you think

Let your school board member know what you think about the search for a new superintendent. These people need to hear from us; they are there to represent the people, and they need to know what the people think.
Personally, I believe that the board should cast the net far and wide in the search for a new superintendent. The system is faced with problems that are the culmination of years of good old boy politics and 'scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' operations.
I think it is imperative to introduce 'new blood' into the system.
I sent an email to my school board member, Dr. Brigham, outlining my concerns and received a prompt and satisfactory reply.
I hope that everyone who reads this will email or call today.

Dr. Jack RaleyPresident
District 1
P.O. Box 85 Haughton, LA 71037318-949-3675

Brad Bockhaus
District 2
111 Harvest Ln. Haughton, LA 71037318-949-6680

Dr. Allison O. Brigham
District 3
511 Lee StBenton, LA 71006318-426-2911

Tammy A. Smith
District 4
183 Willow Bend Rd.Benton, LA 71006318-965-9839

Michael S. Mosura, III Vice-President
District 5
6014 Jason St.Bossier City, LA 71111318-742-3700
Bill Kostelka
District 6
309 Audubon Dr.Bossier City, LA 71111318-549-5359

J.W. Slack
District 7
2424 Douglas DriveBossier City, LA 71111318-746-5752

Kenneth Wiggins
District 8
3201 CloverdaleBossier City, LA 71111318-742-0251

Eddy Ray Presley
District 9
P.O. Box 2000Benton, LA 71006318-286-9049

Julian Darby
District 10
1130 Beverly St.Bossier City, LA 71112318-747-0818

Lindell Webb
District 11
1830 Venus DriveBossier City, LA 71112318-746-0672

Mack Knotts
District 12
5007 Kenilworth Dr.Bossier City, LA 71112318-747-4166


  1. Jim, thank you for your intense work and ability to keep your readers informed. I am reminded of a quote from Edmund Burke..."All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
    Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797) You do more than most of us, but you are an inspiration.

  2. Wait till you hear about the Bellevue Meat Processing Plant sale
    that they pulled from auction to sell at appraised value to a relative of the Haughton mayor. Cost to BPSB was $40,000+


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