Monday, February 9, 2009

Web Seminar: Why the Haynesville Shale is Really That Good

When: Anytime, at your convenience
Where: Your Computer
Cost: $100.00, Includes a copy of the upcoming Haynesville Playbook, mailed to you in March!

The Haynesville shale in Northern Louisiana and East Texas is fast becoming the premier shale play in the U.S. After a leasing rush in 2008, the drilling pace is set to pick up. One operator told Oil and Gas Investor that this will be the last play standing, and no wonder: Recent wells have shown initial flow rates of up to 28 million cubic feet a day.

Join us for this exclusive webcast that will answer your questions about what we've learned to date about the Haynesville and how we see the play developing.

Robert C. Turnham, Jr.
President & Chief Operating Officer, Goodrich Petroleum Corp.

Ken L. Kenworthy, Jr.
Co-Founder & President, GMX Resources Inc.

Gary Kolstad
President and CEO
CARBO Ceramics Inc.

Moderated by Peggy Williams, Sr. exploration editor, Oil and Gas Investor

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