Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woman knocks Mom out in Benton then poops on her back

Story from KSLA.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office arrested a mother and daughter Tuesday after a physical altercation got out of hand.
37-year-old Destinie Duvall, of Willis, Texas and her mother 62-year-old Patricia Hacker of Benton were arrested according to deputies after getting into a physical fight with each other.
According to deputies, Duvall knocked Hacker out of a chair and then kicked her in the head, causing Hacker to lose consciousness.
While Hacker was unconscious, Duvall defecated on Hacker's back, said deputies.


  1. she's in deep shit. wonder what the penalty is for that?

  2. i agree. someone spared the rod on this disrespectful piece of humanity.

    - you know who.

  3. Destinie is a sweet young lady, as is her mom. There must have been something going on that festered causing this fight to get out of hand like it did. I'm saddened for both of them. I hope they reconcile.

  4. If you think Destiny is a sweet young women....then you don't know her as some people do.

    Don't let her fool you!!!

    She is mean as hell!!! Ask anyone who really knows her, has been put it jail by her or has made the terrible mistake of taking her in to help her.

    Her mother, yes, an amazing lady who has put up with her shit too long. Clearly.

    Destiny Duvall is by no means a nice person, a lady or a friend...ask anyone who really knows her.

  5. Yes, please don't be fooled by this one. She is crazy as a loon!! I knew that much before I even knew that she took a crap on her mother. What type of person does that to their own mother? Not one that has any conscience at all what so ever!! This women Destinies Duvall is a psosyopath!! She needs to be locked away. She still has people thrown in jail for "supposedly be beat on" That is wrong!! She is the one that attacks people and then a person is forced to defend them selves. What would you do if you were hit in the head with a bottle?? She is a master manipulator and needs to be institutionalized!!!!

  6. I worked with Pat. She bent over backwards to help her daughter. She was even raising her daughter.

  7. Sad, sad, sad!



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