Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stripped and Maced in Bossier Max

Sheila Lozada has filed suit in U S District Court against the Bossier Parish sheriff and several individual officers for “unreasonable search and seizure, battery, excessive use of force, failure to provide due process and failure to provide adequate medical care.”
It happened when Lozada went to the Bossier Courthouse on May 2, 2008 to pick up a copy of a record and was arrested on a non-existent warrant. Apparently a warrant had been issued due to a scheduling mixup but was recalled.
According to Ms. Lozado, when the detective told her that there was a warrant, she called the DA’s office on her cell phone and was told, within the detective’s hearing, that the warrant had been recalled. The deputy told Ms. Lozada, according to the suit, that ‘we are not the DA’ and proceeded to arrest her.
She was booked at Bossier Max (known on the street as ‘Booty Maximus’, but we won’t go there). She was forcibly stripped in the presence of male officers and was maced.
Greg Aymond of Alexandria, publisher of the Central La Politics blog, posted the Channel 12 video on his YouTube channel.
You can read the entire story from KSLA.
You can also read a copy of the lawsuit.
The sheriff’s spokesman told Channel 12 that they could not comment because of the lawsuit, but then made the remark that ‘we have a history’ with her, and then failed to give any details of that history.
(Read the article in Central La Politics)


  1. Must have been a slow day for the folks and they had to amuse themselves some way. Other than verbal resistance.. I really saw no need for the show they put on to relive their boredom.

  2. Alex, this wasn't one of our proudest moments.

  3. Its cops like this, and in the Hope Steffey case, that make them ALL look bad, and put ALL the cops at more risk.

    This is complete BS!!

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