Friday, June 26, 2009

Hurricane Chris rap to the La Legislature has gone national

170,000 views on YouTube in one day.
Here are links posted by wesawthat, who put up the video.

whnt news 19 huntsville, alabama
and also
hurricane hits louisiana capitol
and also
the fox nation
lurid rap song performed in louisiana legislature
and also
my bossier
wonder why louisiana is in trouble?
and also
rapper performs song about nice lady, on louisiana house floor
and also
political derby
sometimes there are no words
and also
breakdown of america
this is what goes on in the louisiana house?
and also
the los angeles times
louisiana legislature's bizarre rap concert moment
and also
random acts of fuckery
halle berry (shes fine) edition
and also
louisiana legislature criticized over youtube video
and also
the rap up
hurricane chris sets black music back 500 years
and also
'hurricane chris' raps profanely on the floor of the louisiana legislature
and also
rapper causes controversy at la capitol

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