Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adley criticizes Division of Administration blog

I can't believe that I'm complimenting Sen. Robert Adley twice within a month's time. Adley delivered a Senate floor speech today and said the blog known as "The Ledger" is a violation of state law that prohibits the use of taxpayer money to express political views.
I don't know when the Division of Administration became the Propaganda Ministry, but in the Jindal administration it seems that every office has it's own spin doctors.
Good for Senator Adley for calling them out.

Updated Thursday, June 11:
Charlie Buras at the Old River Road blog says that the blog is not illegal, it's just not very good.


  1. This guy is the biggest hypocrite in all of politics. Adley is the guy that originally killed the ethics reform called "glass pockets" because he did not yet have a deal to exempt his business where he uses his position as senator to force local governments to do business with him. Now that he cut the deal to have that exempted from the current ethics reform - he is suddenly the ethics police. Just google Robert Adley and ethics - will take you through the highlights of his dasterdly deeds. There is much more that will be coming during his campaign - i will make sure of that. Governor Jindal is the best shot Louisiana has had in decades to rise from the abyss - and all Adley can do is grandstand and attack - he is a blowhard - self important egomaniac - thank god for term limits

  2. Google Robert Adley in My Bossier and you'll find blog posts about his stand on local government ethics and his stand on the pay raise last year.
    As far as your remark about Jindal being the best shot Louisiana has, I have to question your reasoning. Jindal is dead set against any transparency in the governor's office and his ethics 'reforms' are a sham.


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