Saturday, June 27, 2009

TOS'd by The Times

Apparently I made a mistake in commenting on the 'praise Michael Jackson' article in The Times.
In replying to this:
Never again will there be an entertainer that will come close to Michael's talent or genius. May he now be experiencing the peace that he never seem to find on earth
and this:
Even though i was not a huge fan I did like his music and i do agree that the world has lost a really big icon....It is really hard to beileve that he passed away so suddenly...May he R.I.P
I replied with this:
Yep, never mind that he was a pedophile who hurt little children and robbed them of their innocence. He made some cool music so that makes it all right. I think I'll be sick.
My comment was removed for violating Terms of Service.
Now these comments stayed up:

i would be ashamed to admit or defend this sick dog. they should have castrated him and hung him from the nearest telephone pole. what gets me is that all the black people talk about how much they miss him and loved him...the cold hard truth is he was ashamed of being black. first look at his kids. he was astranged from his weirdo family. look how he tried to bleach himself white. it wouldnt suprise me if the king of fitness mayor cedric glover and nutcase sharpton dont get together and try to name a street or park after the child molester int he cedar grove area.

Yes, let's read between the lines. Obviously your father touched you as a child. Used to call it "pop goes the weasel." You were then passed around in the trailer to all your kin. Hearing the name Michael Jackson brought back painful memories for you. You go by the name "
removed" because you are trying to convince yourself that you are not gay. Accept it, come on out the closet. Then die and burn.

I was wondering why my comment was so much more offensive. I decided to read the Terms of Service to see what rule I had broken.

The page could not be found (404).

Well, maybe they make them up as they go.
Then I realized that I was technically incorrect in my comment. I called Jackson a pedophile. The strict definition of pedophile is:
. .a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubertal children . .
Well, there you go. Apparently Jackson liked his kids (or some of them) at the age of puberty. Otherwise, how could "defendant Michael Jackson eating the semen of plaintiff" apply?
I apologize for using the term pedophile. Perhaps 'child molester' would have been more appropriate.


  1. I'm shocked The Times is even still in publication. I submitted a guest column to them about Markey-Waxman and got this from Craig Durrett: "We try and reserve our Letters space for submissions specifically written for that purpose rather than as a blog entry or a “mass blast’’ to a number of newspapers etc." He said, "We like to use work intended specifically for us."

    If it hadn't been specifically for them, I wouldn't have sent it to them! I posted it to my blog after he refused it.

    If they did a better job reporting on such issues I wouldn't have felt compelled to send it to them.

    I canceled my subscription six years ago.

  2. I don't subscribe any more. I do the 'online' thing, check obits, opinion and headlines.
    I read your blog article, by the way. You have had great coverage of the whole cap and trade issue.


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