Friday, November 20, 2009

Annie's Girls Going the Distance

A group of women will band together to finish the race Saturday for a friend they lost to ovarian cancer.
Friends of Anne Denney from Fitness Lady, 1700 Old Minden Rd. Suite 180, Bossier City, have put together a team to walk a half marathon hosted by the YMCA. Annie's Girls Going the Distance are completing the 13.1-mile route in her honor and to raise awareness of the disease.
"The name is because she had gone the distance in so many different ways and so many different conditions that we would finish the race for her. We would take on the mission of finishing the race and taking on the legacy of awareness," said Kedgy Larson, owner of Fitness Lady.
Anne, who had been training with Kedgy since 1992, was diagnosed with cancer in late 2001. It was during her eight-year battle that Kedgy came up with idea to have Anne train for a marathon in order to maintain her physical fitness, avoid focusing on cancer and keep her spirits high.
The team consists of Anne Coleman, Cindy Warren, Marvis Grisham, Sara Miller, Sharon Denney and Yulon Jackson with coaches Kedgy Larson, Janet Martin and Elizabeth Willis.
Read the entire article at the Bossier Press-Tribune website. Video compliments of KTBS.

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