Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bossier City Council steps up

The Bossier City Council met yesterday and presented their version of the 2010 budget. The council has heard a lot from constituents about the proposed layoffs, and not very much of it was favorable. They have stepped up and worked out a compromise plan which basically is what we outlined in an earlier blog post: “ . . . the plan spares 20 policemen and 20 firemen from the Mayor’s ax. Of the remaining 37 cuts across different city departments, 16 will be spared and 21 will be laid off.”
The council has never been so involved in changing a budget, and the public has not been so interested. Hopefully this process has awakened the people of Bossier and they will take more interest in the process from now on.
The budget needs 4 votes to be approved, and in the event that the mayor sees fit to veto it, 5 votes to override.
You can view the council's version of the budget here.

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  1. Actually, the numbers presented last night are different. Now they're proposing keeping 17 police and 14 fire. Still very low. They can and should do better or we all expect no votes. The proposal was contrived mostly by Williams and Montgomery.

  2. I'll have to go back over the numbers in the new budget, I just scanned them and it 'looked' right. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. I'd just like to say thank you to Chief Mike Halphen. I know how difficult it has been to deal with this at our home. My husband was one on the chopping block. I can only imagine how difficult it has been for the chief. I could see the stress, the disappointment, and the outrage on his face during that council meeting last night. I know he has done absolutely everything in his power to save as many jobs as possible. I have no doubt that he takes losing even one officer personally. Your support and efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated Chief Halphen. Thank You is hardly enough, but know that we will return the favor with our support in whatever you do.

    Carrie Moore

  4. Carrie, thanks for the comment and it is well taken. both of the chiefs have been in a bad position, as they report directly to the mayor. I don't think there is any doubt where their heart is.

  5. How many police and fire are currently employed?

  6. You can see both the mayor's proposed budget and the city council's amended budget on the cities web site. It list the current number of employees by dept and the proposed lay offs.

  7. Keep the Fire Fighters but fire all the gestapo, arrogant Bossier City Police.

    If every Bossier City resident were armed and protected themselves we could do without these ornery so-called public servants that think every citizen is a criminal (us vs. them mentality).

    They do not "protect and serve" anymore, the Bossier City Police "harass and stalk".

    Shreveport Police are a great deal more respectful toward the public, Bossier City Police, learn from them.

  8. Tar and feather the Mayor of Bossier City. He knew what was happening all along with the Budget.

    Freeze all pay raises, how about some pay cuts across the board.

    If the Bossier City employees do not like the pay they get off of our hard earned tax dollars then they can darn well go to some other city to work.

    Freeze all hiring.

    Freeze all charity and giveaways.

    Cut each Department by at least 10% and you just might be back in the black.

    Don't you dare raise the taxes on us citizens just to pay for your greedy wants and needs or you all will feel the wraith of the Citizens of Bossier City.

  9. to the anonymouse at 4:56:

    Dude, what did they arrest you for? Were you drunk in public or DWI or something? They didn't bend over and kiss your a** and so they are'nt polite?

  10. Anonymous at 4:56 sounds like a criminal, and I know for sure that he is either a liar or stupid. The police dept. of Bossier City treats the citizens with respect as long as you act like a human.

  11. Anon 4:56 is probaly one of the assistant district attorneys still smarting over the arrest of one of their own.

  12. Anonymous 4:56,

    I can't believe I am even responding to such a ridiculous comment. Are you a recent resident of a certain facility located in Plain Dealing? Because the only way one could possibly come up with such a unbelievable statement would be for him or her to have a perspective from the wrong side of the law. In that case, yes it absolutely is an "us against them" mentality. These men and women who "harass and stalk" will be the very ones who respond to you in your time of need without pause. I'd also be willing to bet you'd complain when they didn't show up quickly enough. Here's a crazy thought, why not conduct yourself with manners and respect the next time you have an interaction with a police officer. I guarantee, you'll get the same treatment that you give them.

    These officers work really hard to protect our community for little to nothing in return. They are the lowest paid per capita in the state for law enforcement. Yet they still have managed to make Bossier City the safest community in the state. Perhaps you should keep your own attitude in check.

  13. Councilman Jones ..You were RUDE in the councile meeting, you did not pay attention when the public was speaking, you sat there and rolled your eyes, talked, got up and walked SIR were RUDE and arrogant...the voters will not forget your attitude come next election, enjoy your time on the council as it will be your last time.............

  14. I agree, councilman Jones was very rude. I think those 2 young ladies that spoke at the council meeting last Tuesday need to run for city council in their districts. Maybe then we would have real people on there and not some power hungry idiots that have no regard for what the people who put them there want.

  15. To all you Bossier City Police lovers. My opinion stands, Bossier City Police are arrogant and act like you are questioning their authority just for asking a simple question.

    Just because I do not like the BCPD personnel does not mean I am a criminal. I have never been arrested and hardly ever get traffic tickets (1 in the last 15 years).

    It is just that I do not take to well to tyranny and the (gestapo) Bossier City Police act like they are above the Law.

    Maybe you guys drive a better vehicle than I do (you know, luxury model). Sure the BCPD will treat you nice if you are appear affluent - you know, very well off due to wearing a suit and driving your fancy late model cars.

    The only time a Bossier City Police Officer shows me any respect at all is when they find out that I work as a City Worker at Shreveport.

    My opinion stands - The Bossier City Police Department are gestapo-like and arrogant.

    Shreveport Police Officers are so much more friendlier even before they know I worker for the City.


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