Friday, November 20, 2009

Judge Dewey E. Burchett, Jr.

I was very saddened to learn that Judge Dewey E. Burchett, Jr. passed away earlier today. Judge Burchett had been ill for some time and undergoing treatment.
He received a degree in government from LSU, went to the Air Force as a fighter pilot and trainer from 1962 thru 1967. He returned to LSU for his law degree.
Judge Burchett served the people of Bossier & Webster honorably and well as a district judge for 20 years.
He was loved and honored by his wife Pat, sons Dewey III & Edward, and a granddaughter.
May God give them comfort at this time.
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  1. Judge Burchett will be missed. He was a 'stand-up' person. This is a loss for Bossier Parish.

  2. Devasted I am....

    He will be so missed. :(

  3. Thank you Jim for this post. I will miss our porch chats the most, the talks, the bird and squirrel watching, the waving at passers, the listening to the katydids, the love we shared. Pat Burchett

  4. We love you Miss Pat!

  5. I didn't know Judge Burchett personally, but through professional dealings I saw him as a honorable man.

  6. I only knew Judge Burchett from serving on jury duty. I could tell that he took the due process of law very seriously, and he did not deserve to be displaced in a power grab by the corrupt DA's office. His family has my sincere sympathy.

  7. while I dont wish to speak ill of those who have passed, I do take issue with someone labeling the DA's office corrupt. Judge Burchett had his own skeletons as well that some would describe as corrupt! To what is corrupt and not, he is answering to god on that issue as we speak!! RIP

  8. To 11/24/09 10:11 A. M.
    Dear Mam or Sir: I want to thank you. I have been feeling so especially empty today following the service for my husband yesterday...and to get a lift from those who knew him and their kind expressions, I saw your comment. You lifted me out of the slump...i actually laughed for the first time today...i think of money when i think of corruption, so i thought if only i could find the money Dewey has hidden, I would not be struggling right now to be able to pay the light bill next month..thank you dear for the comic relief!!! Pat Burchett

  9. "while I dont wish to speak ill of those who have passed"

    Of course you wanted to speak ill of those who have passed as that is exactly what you proceeded to do. I started to remove the comment but thought better of it.
    Don't let the fact that Judge Burchett has passed away stop you and your friends from attempting to slander him.
    These words won't hurt Judge Burchett, but they speak volumes about you.

  10. Anon at 10:11- You are a disgusting individual and the finest example of the Bossier DA's office all in one. To disparage someones name after they are gone..well..let's just say I expect nothing less from that office.

    To Mrs. Burchett, I had the priviledge of standing before your husband on numerous ocassions. He was always entertaining and always a decent and kind gentleman. He has been missed since the election and will continue to set the bar for judges in this area. I doubt many will be able to achieve the standard he set. You have my condolences and I pray that you ignore the sentiments expressed by ignorant individuals. The irony is, he would probably get a kick out of them making such a fool of themselves.

  11. Why dosn't the anon spill the beans on the judge? Let us all know about the skeletons he had. Hmm. Pretty sure those would of been released during the election. Can you honestly beleive we have a DA's office that could be so low? I'm thoroughly disgusted.

  12. "The irony is, he would probably get a kick out of them making such a fool of themselves."

    I believe you are right, and that is one reason I let the comment stand.

  13. Folks, I was sincere when i thanked him/ helped me for now get more perspective, out of meltdown. I just hope it lasts, but for now I am more functional.
    But please don't blame or accuse unless you know this came from the DA's office. I truly do not think anyone in the DA's office would do that. The irony here is that Dewey and I always loved the Marvins..Corky was my buddy at all the judges's functions..He always found us a place to smoke...Dewey had gotten over the election totally, and we got to spend every wonderful minute together. You know someone could be planting such a negative comment because he/she doesn't want that office to look good. Who knows, who cares...I truly appreciate Judge Craig coming to Dewey's service yesterday, and I only wish him the best. Remember we are each one a child of God. What I do like about Jim's blog is that he attacks questionable actions, not people. There is a significant difference. If I sound too high and mighty or preachy, please forgive me. Love to each reader. Pat Burchett

  14. sorry for the family's loss. everybody is a little restrained in court. I never knew the judge outside of court. but i can say he usually brought a little humor to many ordinarily dull and routine matters. I can imagine in a less restrained, family atmosphere he would have brought even more to a gathering. Mrs. Burchett, you are a nice person. I will keep you in my prayers.

  15. Wow.

    I just caught this...

    Miss Pat, my "Pat" loved the service and told my parents tonight how lovely it was and wished he had known Judge Burchett.
    I too am sorry he never got to know him.

    Anyhoo, still love you very much! We'll have some lunch over the holiday season. :)

  16. It was certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. BTW, try to add some photos :).

  17. I just found out that Mr. B had passed away. I am saddened by the loss of such a great man. He was honorable, loving and kind to everyone he met at all times. I personally will always think of him with love and respect and always remember how the boys would try to cheat at cards on Saturdays. He was a wonderful man and I was and am truly blessed to have know him and you Mrs. B.

    Love always - Laura

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