Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's something you'll never see in Bossier

Sheriff forms public corruption unit

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator has scheduled a news conference to announce the formation of a public integrity unit that will investigate complaints of wrongdoing by elected officials and local government employees.
The two sheriff's detectives who will be assigned to that unit are the lead investigators in the Community Development case. The public corruption unit will work in conjunction with the Caddo district attorney's office, which would prosecute any cases.
"We're sick and tired of hearing complaints about favoritism and nepotism and, 'It's not what you know; it's who you know,'" Prator said. "I want to create a vehicle that citizens can know that what they say is at least investigated."

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  1. We need Prator or someone like him in Bossier City.

  2. I've said that for a long time!

  3. Jim - why do you live here - everyone is corrupt or incompetent - you should move and leave this horrible place.

  4. No, I was here before they were. Sorry you think Bossier is a horrible place, it's not. Besides, I never said everyone is corrupt or incompetent, just a couple of public officials who haven't done their job properly.
    I know some of you guys think it is terrible to criticize an elected official (unless you are running a candidate against him), but I disagree.

  5. Funny Jim - I have not seen you focus on anything positive in Bossier since the blog started - you have determined the entire leadership of the school board, the city of bossier city, and the district attorney's office need to go - what is left - the library system. I dont see how you wake up in this community each day without being in a horrible state of depression. It must really suck to see the world from such a half empty perspective. We have good leaders in this community that try to do the right thing - but crap happens and people with very little information attack peoples character with no basis - it is a wonder that anyone would do those jobs - you know its kind of like anytime one cop does something wrong - the entire department is suddenly a bunch of crooks, civil rights violators or thugs - i am sure you can relate to that

  6. Its good to see the DA's office is busy at work again today. Maybe they should concentrate more prosecuting criminals instead of blogging all day long. Just a thought.

  7. Anon at 10:04. Of course I have offered my opinion of a school board that snoozed while almost $1,000,000 was stolen, of a city budget that was mismanaged. It is my blog, and that means my opinions. The comment section is for others to argue or agree.
    Yes, I critized the DA (and praised him) on different ocassions. Of course, there will be less praise since his department fed twisted information to Eric Johnson in an attempt to get Danny Lawler to publish it in the Inquisitor.
    Fortunately, Lawler has some integrity (unlike the ADA who fed this info to Johnson)and allowed us to respond with the truth.
    As for not focusing on anything positive, you must have missed these, just for a start. Check them out.
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  8. Anon 10:04 if you don't like what you read on this blog stop reading and responding. it is as simple as that.

  9. Does adultery fall under the 'corruption' umbrella? That is, when those charged with 'protecting' are the perpetrators of the act.


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