Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: Changes

Hell Froze Over
On February 7th, Louisiana’s Team won the Super Bowl when Tracy Porter intercepted a Petyon Manning pass with 3 minutes remaining in the game and went all the way, making the final score 31-17.

A new Police Chief for Bossier City
Shane McWilliams started acting as police chief in April and was sworn in officially in July.
"We have an outstanding department and employees. We're going to strive to continue going in the right direction and work with other agencies as well as the people we have here. We're going to do better to make sure the residents feel safe and maintain the confidence of the residents of Bossier City.”

The Cross on the Hill
The 199 foot cross at Central Assembly of God Church in Haughton was dedicated this year. A permit to build the cross was originally denied by the MPC because zoning regulations say that a structure in that area can’t be taller than 45 feet.
The Church then appealed to the Police Jury for an exception, which was granted.

Bossier City Voters sent a message
Bossier City voters gave the public safety tax renewal proposition a landslide vote of ‘yes’.
In 2000, when the city was not having financial problems, the tax was approved by 73% of the voters. This year, when the city was having budgetary problems, 80% of the people who voted said yes.
The people are saying ‘we support our Firemen and Police officers and you’d better not mess with them’.

Shreveport Police Chief
Shreveport gained a new police chief, Willie Shaw, when Henry Whitehorn was appointed U.S. Marshal for the Western District.

New weather interruption policy from Channel 12
James Smith, Station Manager at KSLA, has announced via an email that the station will be changing its policy about interrupting progamming. This occurred after the brouhaha that arose during the LSU-Auburn game when most of the last half was interrupted for tornado warning coverage in Central Arkansas. No tornadoes touched down.
Smith announced that the station will do what all of the others do, run a small screen with warnings.

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  1. Jim, I had to chuckle when I got to the last "big change" in the area.

    Nyuk...I'm giggling, and I can't stop. Seriously.

    And Dude! The Haymeadow story is sad, but I love the headline.



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