Saturday, December 11, 2010

Benton/Bossier Christmas Parade 2010

Biggest crowd I've seen for the festival so far, traffic and crowd seems well-managed by Benton PD.
Here are a few images I captured for you.
State Senator Robert Adley

Billy the Exterminator - I won't mention his close proximity to the politicians!

Nice Crowd

Bossier Sheriff Young Marines

No, he's not in trouble, just along for the ride.

I thought I had a good picture of Clerk of Court Cindy Johnston, but I cut off her head. 
How about Deputy Clerk Sissy Crouch, her head is intact.


  1. The kids all loved Billy!

  2. Was Billy there to exterminate those disease ridden and pesky Adleybugs - I hear those are worse than the bedbugs spreading across the country - they are blood sucking and hide in the dark until their victims turn their backs - then they attack. Very nasty - only Billy the Exterminator could rid us of such a pest.

  3. There you go, and I said I was being nice!

  4. Adley is an arrogant jerk. Thanks for all your help on Bistineau Adley. That would be NONE!!!!! We gotta vote this guy out. Wait, maybe he'll just fall out of this truck in some other parade and save us the expense of an election.

  5. that pic was of Ricky Lee where Billy and the family?


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