Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Politics

Bossier and Caddo Parishes had a pretty interesting time politically in 2010.
The year started out with State Representative Barbara Norton’s shameful behavior at the African American History Parade.
The Bossier Parish Police Jury outdid everyone by partying hearty at the D. C. Mardi Gras.
The Bossier Parish Police Jury paid for 9 people to attend the events. They were:
Bill Altimus, Rick Avery, Wanda Bennett, jury president Glenn Benton, Barry Butler, Paul Plummer, Joe E. Ford, Jr., parish engineer, Patrick R. Jackson, parish attorney & Craig Spohn, Cyber Innovation Center executive director all attended.
The cost to taxpayers: $22,809.56 and counting. According to the article “That total doesn't include the tab for a private dinner party for 75 guests (shared by Bossier & Caddo), mostly from Louisiana, at an Italian chain restaurant. Also missing are meals, cab fare and other expenses incurred by the nine officials the Bossier Parish Police Jury sent to the annual gala in the nation's capital.”
The Cyber Innovation Center footed the bill for $2,000 worth of booze.
Robert Adley tried to notch up Nanny government a little in a failed attempt to ban the sale of energy drinks to kids under 16.
David Melville, Pastor of Fellowship Methodist Church on Barksdale Boulevard, threw his hat in the ring to take on John Fleming in the 4th District congressional race. He did about as well as we thought he would.
Larry Deen showed his disdain for his constituents when he held a short hearing for his increase in property taxes. Rather than providing a decent space and amount of time for the hearing, the sheriff crammed the people who attended into an office and then put an arbitrary time limit on the meeting.
He told the people at the meeting that ‘state law’ required that he could only give 15 minutes to public comments. Not true, he just pulled that one out of his hat.
This wasn’t one of the sheriff’s better moments.
We had a good school board race, with one incumbent being unseated. Several of the candidates actually answered my email about a tax ‘roll-forward’. It was voted down.
Shreveport held city elections and the most interesting by far was the mayor’s race.
Bryan Wooley pushed the envelope a little too hard and probably hurt himself so far as any future elections are concerned. Big Ced pulled it off with landslide numbers.
Then, of course, there was Chubbygate.
The arrest of Bossier City Council Member James "Chubby" Knight on charges of bank fraud has, needless to say, created a lot of conversation and speculation.
"I've never done anything illegal," Bossier City Councilman Chubby Knight told KSLA.
Not so, says the Bossier City Police Department and the 26th JDC District Attorney.
The Police Department began their investigation when the bank that cashed the bogus check for Knight filed a complaint.
Knight’s attorney said that they know who is behind this ‘political vendetta’ to get Knight, but he’s not telling. According to the Times, the attorney said "This is all driven by the Bossier power bosses . . . . that machine wants you to know if you cross it, ... it will erase you, even your memory."
To round out the year, Shreveport’s Assistant CAO was summarily fired this week for having sex on Cedric’s sofa with an 18 year old Georgia girl who was in town for the Independence Bowl.
No word as to whether the Mayor has a new sofa, but I’d bet on it.
Sam Wyatt
2011 will begin with a race for Bossier City Marshal in April.  That one is shaping up between Lo Walker's right hand man, Lynn Austin, and former BCPD detective Sam Wyatt.
Later in the year we will see elections for all statewide offices, state representative, state senate and for a number of local positions.
Stay tuned!


  1. Why do people still support Larry Deen? He lies about state law only permitting a 15 min meeting about a tax increase and very little is said. If I remember correctly the tea party had questions about what he did and some people defended Larry. What is wrong with this picture? He will surely be reelected if he runs again.

  2. appears no one cares about your sam wyatt endorsement - only one with any experience to handle this job is richard - law enforcement credentials have nothing to do with this job - and certainly a person with zero administrative experience that endorsed another candidate is not deserving of a nod

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The Tea Party had questions about the way taxes were raised, and the way the meeting was conducted in cutting off public comment after 15 minutes. It was not a blanket opposition to Deen.

    Sheriff Deen has apologized for the way the meeting was conducted. It was certainly a poorly conducted meeting, and Sheriff Deen was ignorant of the open meetings law, but I believe there was no ill will involved.

  5. Matt - if all it takes for you to get to believe me that i did not try to cover up the fact that i was increasing taxes - and that I have utter disdain for the electorate - is to apologize - then I am sorry - President Obama
    P.S. - i need to learn larry's trick of have all meetings in private, and the only one i am ever required to have in public - i arbitrarily limit to 15 minutes and claim its state law - wow - that is a good one

  6. Sheriff Deen was not the only government official ignorant of the open meetings laws. He was slammed several times in the Times and BPT in the following weeks. On this particular issue of the way the meeting was conducted, I believe his apology was sincere.

    Now, do I agree with his raising taxes? Not at all. Government actually cutting substantial waste comes around about as often as Halley's Comet. I've only seen the former and I'd really like to see the latter in my lifetime.

  7. Wow, did you see that?!!
    President Obama commented on My Bossier!

  8. Richard is running? Everyone is talking about him being arrested for DWI several years ago, arrested another time for forgery, arrested another time for excessive force. They are also talking about his part in owning a night club in downtown shreveport that had constant problems with law violations and drug issues. Sounds like he needs to stay in shreveport with those problems and marshal caldwell who has the same beliefs like driving 108 mph on I-20 after he had been drinking. Those two go together!

  9. i just love it. lynn and brett favre neither one knows when to retire. good run lynn but time to cash in and watch all the new blood bossier now has go to work on the future.

  10. now we have a local brett favre deal with lynn austin neither knows when to retire. bossier is loaded with young capable talent. its time to take your pensions and retire with dignity

  11. I think Richard is the best qualified - not only is he the only person ever to serve as a city marshall - but he has the most experience in the system - with three arrests, a dwi, bankruptcy, various investigations of his nightclub, actions as a city marshall, and as a neighbor of the elderly - he seems the most well rounded of all the candidates

  12. Lynn Austin already has two or three retirements... what's he trying to do, get a half mill a year after retirement. Holly Crap.... he and Larry Deen need to retire. We are sick and tired of the OLD CRONIE BOYS CLUB. Both Austin and Deen need to carry it!!!

  13. To whomever said Sam Wyatt is not qualified. Sam has a awesome resume and with his background is very qualified. Look at all the crooked politicians today. Sam is not a politician he is a good ole boy that will do Bossier good. Bossier needs a change. Sam Wyatt is the man for the job. I mean look Dean was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Richards record (criminal). Sam is clean. Dont need any more crooks in Bossier.

  14. Richard is no more qualified for Bossier City Marshal than I am. He is a habitual offender. Apparently has no respect for the law.Is this really what we need in Bossier City. A criminal. Why is he seeking monetary support from Shreveport citizens while on duty. Lets bring out all the dirt on all three of the candidates. The only one that is squeaky clean is Sam Wyatt.

  15. "Richard is no more qualified for Bossier City Marshal than I am."

    We can't verify that as you posted anonymously.

    "He is a habitual offender."

    Of what crimes has he been convicted other than his DWI over 20 years ago?


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