Monday, December 27, 2010

Jerry Springer tryouts at Haymeadow Trailer Park

Let me make one thing clear.  The New Orleans Times-Picayune was somewhat misleading with its headline Woman, holding baby son, booked with hitting grandmother in Benton.  She was booked in Benton, but that trailer park is NOT in Benton, it carries a Bossier City address.
Here's the sheriff's account.
A Bossier City woman was arrested on Christmas Eve for simple battery of the infirmed, cruelty to a juvenile, and simple battery, said Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen.
Sabra Nicole Tunstall, 32, of the 5200 block of John Wilson Drive, began a physical altercation with her 77-year-old grandmother and uncle while holding her child. The grandmother and uncle were trying to get the child away from Tunstall who had been drinking all day and was trying to leave the residence. Tunstall, while holding the child, began to hit both relatives. She caused a severe skin tear on the grandmother’s right arm. When deputies arrived on scene, Tunstall was holding the child in her left arm and hitting her grandmother with her other arm.
Tunstall was arrested and transported to the Bossier Maximum Security Facility. Her bond was set at $7,000.

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