Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the News

Willie Jones sentenced
Judge John Robinson sentenced Willie Jones, Jr. to two consecutive life terms. Jones was convicted on two counts of second-degree murder for killing Mark Lioy and Amy Lynn Foster.

City Council restores cuts
The Bossier City Council voted to restore funding to the Red River Film Society, and thus to the Robinson Film Center. Councilman David Montgomery had proposed a number of cuts to several local non-profits. Councilman David Jones has worked to restore some of the cuts, while leaving others in place.
Keep Bossier Beautiful will lose $46,000 in city funding. Jones says that they have not lived up to their promises.
The budget will be voted on at the December 21st meeting.
David Jones
Sheriff presents awards
Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen presented the agency's commendation award during an awards ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Viking Drive Substation in Bossier City.
The honor went to Captain Charles Thomas, who currently supervises the patrol division. He has been with the agency 19 years and served as a patrol deputy, sergeant, lieutenant and now captain. In presenting the award, Deen said Thomas “serves in a quiet, humble, caring way but rises to the occasion with appropriate swift action when duty demands.”
In addition, awards were given for Outstanding Performer of the Year in each division. In the Criminal Operations Division, the awards went to Deputy Dave Faulk and Deputy Josh Cathcart. In the Corrections Division, the awards went to Major Charles Gray, Sgt. Michael Glover, Deputy Joey Martin, Deputy Robert Maule. In the Support Services Division, the award went to insurance clerk Connie Myers.
Sheriff Deen with Capt. Thomas
Johnny Wyatt
I thought a commenter to KTBS said it best.
"There is so much bad in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us, that it ill behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us."
Rest in peace.
Johnny Wyatt


  1. I don't see why Bossier funds the Robinson/RRFS. The Robinson is in Shreveport, and Shreveport receives the tax revenues. I can't even recall a single Film Society event in Bossier City.

    Our City needs $100Million for a new sewerage system, and we laid off 40 police and fire a while back, but at least we have the film center! (Yeah, I know, it's all from the other budget.)

  2. Matt,
    I didnt vote for funding the Robinson Film Center but you need to get a grip on yourself and figure out what your saying before you say it

  3. Don,

    I didn't say you voted for funding the Robinson.

    What exactly am I missing?

    This is how it appears to many in Bossier City:

    1. BCC spends $50 Million on CyberCommand.

    2. the next year there's a $6 Million deficit and BCC has to lay off 40 fire and police.

    3. 2010 Budget lists a $6 million surplus.

    4. Proposed 2011 budget, BCC is looking to cut spending. They cut spending on a business which isn't even located in the city, then reverse their decision, as "the economy worsens".

    So please, explain to me where I have strayed. I welcome any and all clarification.

  4. Thanks for posting about J. Wyatt, hes a good man. Shame on whoever is smearing his name for no other reason than to be political. RIP, leave a good man alone.

  5. Matt, I will call you and tell you where you have strayed. Thanks

  6. DWilliams,

    You could post where I have erred on this comment section so others of the same reasoning as me can also reach the same level of understanding.

  7. Matt, I just e-mailed you a very long e-mail answering all of your questions and it is just to long to put on here. Maybe after you read it you can post what you wish.

  8. Good thing Wyatt didn't hit another car and kill the other driver while driving drunk.

  9. Matt Sciba is a dumb as a bucket of dirt.

  10. When calling someone "dumb", it is always good to check your spelling and grammar.

  11. Anon at 1047, J. Wyatt had more good in his little toe than you will ever have. Let him rest in peace. That man did so much good, when he did not have to do anything at all.

  12. Yeah, nevermind that his last act on earth put the very lives at risk which he spent his life trying to protect.

  13. Matt and Don,
    I, as a citizen of Bossier, would be interested in the very things listed in Matt's comment? Also, why can't the council meetings be held at a more convenient time to maximize public input?

  14. Anon @ 7:03, Johnny Wyatt is not among the living anymore, and there is nothing than anyone can say which will affect his resting in peace. But those who are living can still learn from what happened to him, and not suffer the same fate. People still believe that they can drink without becoming impaired. People still think that they can "handle it" where maybe others can't. What happened to Johnny Wyatt should be talked about, and held up as an example. If you drink, don't drive. If you are going to drive, don't drink. This does not harm Johnny Wyatt, nothing can harm him now.

  15. @jhph71112 -

    Don was right, it was a very long email. I have emailed it to Jim (MyBossier) and he will post excerpts within the next few days.

  16. I followed the Willie Jones trial. He is a bad guy and got exactly what he deserved. He killed two people in two days! I am glad he will never get out of prison


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