Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seaton Sacked

I didn't rush into this one because I thought it was better to wait until more information was available.
Now it appears that Shreveport Assistant CAO Rick Seaton did indeed engage in sexual acts with an 18 year old high school student from Georgia who was in town for the Independence Bowl.
In the mayor's office, on the mayor's sofa.  She later called police and told them that she had been raped. Mayor Glover fired Seaton.
The girl apparently was at the game where her boyfriend was arrested for creating a disturbance.  Seaton heard her trying to get money to bail out her boyfriend, and since she didn't want to ride the shuttle bus downtown, he gave her a ride.
Shreveport police will complete their investigation and determine whether charges should be brought against Seaton.
What was he thinking?
The story is also hitting the media in other states, as well as throughout Louisiana.  AP and CNN have picked it up.

Georgia Daily News

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

WXIA Atlanta

WBIR – Knoxville


  1. At the risk of incurring the wrath of Anon (who never did tell me her name, address, and phone number by the way)...I'm just posting to subscribe to comments.

    Gonna be interesting...

  2. Why would he do such a thing on Big Ced's couch? Andy, you are so funny. No, I'm not the anon that gives you a hard time.

  3. He did it because he obviously has allowed his "power" to go to his head - thinks he is untouchable - and wanted to get laid. My sources say a few others have now come out of the woodwork and alleged he used his position to talk a few more out of their britches with promises of promotion, keeping their jobs, getting other favors from the city. What a complete embarrassment. Say what you want about big ced - he does not roll that way and I am glad he fired the guy immediately. Even if it was "consentual" - taking an 18 year old into the mayor's office after hours to show your power (a fact that was probably lost on an 18 year old from out of town) is inexcusable. Good riddance idiot

  4. geez. his youngest goes to the same pre-school as my twins. his wife taught my two last year. in fact, this guy brought his kid to my kids' birthday party last fall. just seemed like a normal dorky looking middle aged parent. guess not.

  5. He is trying to act like Bill Clinton.


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