Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bossier Qualifying - Day 1

The following people qualified with the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court today and are now official candidates.  I will update tomorrow and Thursday.

Julian Whittington
• Julian Whittington
• John Matlock
• Mike McConnell
Clerk of Court
• Cindy Johnston
Tax Assessor
• Bobby Edmiston
State Representative District 8
• Jeff Thompson
• Duke Lowrie
State Representative District 9
• Henry Burns
State Senate District 36
Duke Lowrie
• Robert Adley
State Senate District 37
• Jane Smith
• Barrow Peacock (qualified in Caddo)
Bossier City Council District 5
• Tommy Harvey
• Larry Hanisee
• John Chandler
Police Jury
District 1
• Robert Brotherton
• Larry Small
• Thomas Hayes
District 2
• Mark Toloso
• Glenn Benton
District 3
• Wanda Bennett
• Martha Peace Reyenga
• Lucy Cooper
District 4
• Johnnie E. Jorden
• Douglas Cook
• Larry Richardson
• Loyd Dodson
District 5
• Jack Skaggs
District 6
• Ricky Avery
District 7
District 8
District 9
• Fred Shewmake Jr
District 10
• Jerome Darby


  1. There is a suprise coming! It's going to be funny to watch... LOL... Last day, last hour!

  2. Robert won't be a happy camper

  3. Freddy Shewmake is one of the most honest people around. He will be a huge asset to the parish and state. He has my vote!

  4. PLEASE tell me that someone credible is going to run against Robert Adley! It would totally make my day!

  5. Why do we always have to "hide" and watch. I like it from my front porch just fine... looking out over my lake with the cypress trees and hearing the moos from the cows....

    Ahhh, paradise!!!!!

  6. If a candidate has not voiced by now, then I would not even consider him/her...you gotta have fire in the belly....no matter what is on the rooftop...lolol

  7. Hey, I resemble that remark... you talkin about me bald head?

  8. seems like ole jackson was all hat and no cattle!!! ROFLMFAO

  9. Marvin spoke... he jumped!

  10. Ole' "Bill R" must be self employed, cause he sure has plenty of "mouth" time during the day. It's funny how the nerd never grows up-always wishing he was included..

  11. Dear O.B.

    Cant help that God has blessed me with Shale money and I guess you missed Jims article on that one... "Whos the dummy now"...

  12. AKA-Bill R,

    I know how you got yours-BELIEVE me- Run along now....

  13. Too bad new money can't fix dumb.

  14. Old money is even dumber.

  15. I don't have any money, I must be smarter than both of you . .


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