Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bossier Qualifying - Day 2

Ryal Siem qualified today for the office of Tax Assessor. Winfred Johnston, Brad Cummings, William Hammack, Paul Plummer, Barry Butler, Jimmy Cochran, Gary Binyon and Douglas Rimmer all qualified for Police Jury. They are listed below in the updated list.
Tomorrow is the last day of qualifying, and I will publish a complete list of candidates then.
• Julian Whittington
• John Matlock
• Mike McConnell
Clerk of Court
• Cindy Johnston
Tax Assessor
• Bobby Edmiston
• Ryal Siem
State Representative District 8
• Jeff Thompson
• Duke Lowrie
State Representative District 9
• Henry Burns
State Senate District 36
• Robert Adley
State Senate District 37
• Jane Smith
• Barrow Peacock (qualified in Caddo)
Bossier City Council District 5
• Tommy Harvey
• John Chandler
Police Jury
District 1
• Robert Brotherton
• Larry Small
• Thomas Hayes
District 2
• Mark Toloso
• Glenn Benton
District 3
• Wanda Bennett
• Martha Peace Reyenga
• Lucy Cooper
District 4
• Johnnie E. Jorden
• Douglas Cook
• Larry Richardson
• Loyd Dodson
• Wnfred Johnston
District 5
• Jack Skaggs
• Barry Butler
District 6
• Ricky Avery
District 7
• James Cochran
District 8
• Brad Cummings
• Douglas Rimmer
District 9
• Fred Shewmake Jr
• Gary Binyon
District 10
• Jerome Darby
District 11
• William Hammack
District 12
• Paul Plummer


  1. Wanda Bennett and Jane Smith, GO HOME! Your usefulness, or lack of usefulness, had run it's course. Do us a favor and crawl back into the woodwork from which you crawled.

  2. No big changes, Smith loses, Thompson wins, that's about it.

  3. You got them backwards, Peacock wins and Lowrie wins.

  4. Both wrong, smith wins, lowrie wins.

  5. Smith wins, 39th District loses.

  6. Sorry, 37th District loses.

  7. Peacock is indeed a Breath of Fresh Air!!! The Best Of Luck, We will do everything we can to help you and proud to do so!!!

  8. Smith flies under the radar and has just missed being detected for years, she needs to quit while she is ahead, for some unknown reason she has managed for years to fly undetected!!


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