Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candidate Information Election 2011

Just for your perusal, in case you missed them the first time, here are the announcements and profiles My Bossier has published this election season for various candidates.

Mike McConnell
Julian Whittington

Bobby Edmiston
Ryal Siem, Sr.

State Representative District 8
Duke Lowrie
Duke Lowrie (endorsement)

State Senate District 37
Barrow Peacock

Police Jury District 2
Mark Toloso

Police Jury District 3
Martha Peace Reyenga
Lucy Cooper

If you are a candidate for any public office and would like to present your message in My Bossier, write it up and send it to us at mybossier@gmail.com


  1. Why are you ignoring the city council race?

  2. I'm not ignoring it, just haven't received anything from the candidates.

  3. Did Wanda Bennett decide not to run for this seat? Please tell me she didn't, she's gone way past her expiration date for usefulness.

  4. 1:41

    I'm going to ask again. Why so down on Wanda? Nobody will answer that question. It seems more personal than anything she has done professionally.

  5. Just remember her from the city council, wasn't a fan then either. We were glad to see her and several others go. Alas, but the ones we have now are probably worse.

  6. Where is Mr. Glen Benton? He has an opponent in the Oct. election. What is the scoop on him?


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