Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bossier Qualifying - Day 3

No surprises today, as only two more candidates qualified, Jerry Carter in the Police Jury District 4 free-for-all and Troy Ogletree in District 1. Looks like Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are going to be the hot police jury races. It will be interesting to watch District 9 and see who replaces Bill Altimus.
Cindy Johnston is unopposed for Clerk of Court, Henry Burns for District 9 State Representative, Robert Adley for State Senate District 36 and Dr. Chandler for coroner.  Several incumbent police jury members are also unchallenged.


Cindy Johnston

• Julian Whittington
• John Matlock
• Mike McConnell
Clerk of Court
• Cindy Johnston
Tax Assessor
• Bobby Edmiston
• Ryal Siem
State Representative District 8
• Jeff Thompson
• Duke Lowrie
State Representative District 9
• Henry Burns
State Senate District 36
• Robert Adley
State Senate District 37
• Jane Smith
• Barrow Peacock (qualified in Caddo)
Bossier City Council District 5
• Tommy Harvey
• Larry Hanisee
• John Chandler
Police Jury
District 1
• Robert Brotherton
• Larry Small
• Thomas Hayes
• Troy Ogletree
District 2
• Mark Toloso
• Glenn Benton
District 3
• Wanda Bennett
• Martha Peace Reyenga
• Lucy Cooper
District 4
• Johnnie E. Jorden
• Douglas Cook
• Larry Richardson
• Loyd Dodson
• Wnfred Johnston
• Jerry W Carter
District 5
• Jack Skaggs
• Barry Butler
District 6
• Ricky Avery
District 7
• James Cochran
District 8
• Brad Cummings
• Douglas Rimmer
District 9
• Fred Shewmake Jr
• Gary Binyon
District 10
• Jerome Darby
District 11
• William Hammack
District 12
• Paul Plummer


  1. Well how about that surprise?

  2. I'm waiting for that one too!

  3. Hey Jim,

    I could have sworn that Mr. Whittington was a registered Democrat back in the early 1990's. Can you find out.

    I saw in the KTBS site that he is now a Republican.

  4. Well, I didn't really squat and watch, because I have no vote in Mr. Adley's District.

    But, the suspense was overwhelming.

    I mean, last day...last hour. A real nail-biter!

  5. 10:10 PM - When I was a young man virtually everyone in the parish was a Democrat. Now, like lemmings to the sea, they have all jumped to the Republican Party, which in my estimation is not a bit better.
    So what if he was?

  6. There are a lot of people who are registered as Democrats because years ago you had to register as a Democrat to be able to vote in primaries. I am a registered Dem and could not tell you the last time I voted that way it was so long ago!

  7. Your comment is correct, but we are speaking of the 21st century. Julian has no excuse now. And yes, Julian was a registered Dem along with sheriff Deen. Interesting how some folks change parties if it suits thier objectives.

  8. Does party matter in regards to the BSO?

  9. What is background on Cooper and Reyenga? Thanks

  10. Yeah it matters! Dems will bury the sheriff's department in debt and spend the hell out of our tax dollars. Just ask Larry Deen.

  11. Yeah, sure am glad the republican police jury doesn't do that

  12. Most of the people in office are RINO's

    Republican In Name Only!

  13. I am dumbfounded to say the lease; everyone must be content these days? No one is making up things about anyone or bashing people for wanting to be elected to a public office. Where are all the cynical people gone to these days? The world never ceases to amaze me!

    I would like to say something sincerely, especially during these trying times of doubt and insecurity around the world!

    Thanks to all the First Responders out there for doing your chosen profession and fields of endeavor so well and faithfully. I take my hat off to all of you and commend you for a JOBS WELL DONE! We would not be able to survive this world without all of you! Thanks and may the Lord Bless and keep each of you!

    I would also like to thank all the people who are willing to put their names forward, no matter for what reason and run for a political office and the suffering that comes from that GIANT microscope you will be put under – Thanks again!

  14. Any insight on the contenders for Police Jury district 1? I don't know anything about them.

  15. Yea! Good for you Freddy Shewmake, your lifetime commitment to our city and parish will only escalate and extend the voice of the people you represent. From legendary quarterback to BHS Principal rescuing and restoring Bossier High School to its all time Spirit High when the stands were once again packed with standing room only. Is this a big deal and a great accomplishment? oh yes if you grew up in Bossier when Bossier High School was the only High School in our city, then yes it was just great to see our children graduate from and share the same excited Bearkat Spirit we and our parents before us had experienced led by and made possible by Freddy Shewmake.
    We sure need someone that can rekindle our Spirits as well as truly represent we the people. Is this an endorsement?? You Bet Ya!!

  16. Saw where Sheriff Deen endorsed Julian Whittington in the Bossier Press Tribune.... What is Julian thinking.

  17. Probably thinking I've got 90% of the vote, won't matter one way or the other.

  18. Wow, How does he love thee, would be great for him if arrogance and a superiority complex were the requirements, at least they won't have to pour a new mold, he will easily fit the old one!!This has been planned for years and we are obviously being played and used to advance their bidding, and the scenario is that it will probably work?Like the uncanny power of a candidate to eliminate an opponent without lifting their weapon, just carelessly and recklessly swing it around fast, as to not directly target any one person.

  19. Ya'll should check out the tea party website and look at how much Whittington received in pay raises during his last 6 months of employment at the sheriff's dept. I thought there was a feud or he had some sort of a moral dilemna that caused him to leave the sheriff's dept. and run for office. I highly doubt that! Not with pay raises like that! I read that he wants to do more with less. I guess he didn't feel that way while he was accepting approximately $16,000 in pay raises right before making his exit as the chief of corrections. He claims he has integrity and experience. A man who truly has integriy wouldn't accept that much in raises while people at his own department are told by the sheriff that he wished he could have given them more than a 2% cost of living raise ( which is better than nothing) to help out with the rising costs in our economy but just didn't have it to give. He could have easily done that if he didn't hand out the huge sums of money that he did to only a handful of employees there (Not to mention that they also got that 2% raise as well). Another thing people don't consider is that, when he jumps their salaries tremendously like he has, that doesn't apply to just their current paycheck. He's also having to match that in retirement and their deffered comp plan if they participate in one. The more he pays them right now, the more he has to put into their retirements. There is no way that Mr. Whittington can say that he was unaware that this was going on. Didn't he say in his credentials that he supervised just about every section of the whole department at some time or another? Either he wasn't very involved in the way that his divisions were operated or he was on board with the way things were going. Maybe it was a little bit of both. Any way that you slice it, that does not show integrity to me. The sheriff maintained the millage rate when he could have allowed it to roll back. Well, he had to do that to help keep up with his wasteful spending while the majority of us struggle to get by in a crippled economy. Guess who was right by his side...Julian Whittington. I could understand that and handle it much easier if I hadn't seen how much some of those folks received in annual pay raises. It almost looks like the tax rate was kept where it was so he could afford to dole out huge "good ole boy favors" right before he announces his retirement. What difference does it make to the sheriff anyway? He's leaving and his money is guaranteed by the state, not the parish. If Whittington didn't plan to run the office the same way its run now, then why would the sheriff be endorsing him and urging everyone to vote for him? Plus all the raises right at the end of his tenure with the dept. because he was "mad" at him?

  20. Continued.....

    I think not! It's just another way that the good old boys are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Whittington has made no mention of how he plans to make changes to the sheriff's dept. and has even said that he's proud of what the Bossier sheriff's dept. has become. Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that he's proud of the large salaries that are paid out without any type structure or outlined system of how to advance there. You can see the officers' hire dates on those documents. There are many officers that make big money with less experience than their co-workers. Everything isn't based on tenure, but I think it should definitely carry some weight. A lot of what is learned in police work comes from experience while on the job. How can someone who has only worked in law enforcement for 7 years truly have the knowledge and experience to be the man who makes the calls at the whole dept in the absence of the sheriff? Maybe someone should ask the undersheriff there since that is exactly what he's doing. That brings up another point. Whittington says that he has experience that qualifies him to be sheriff of Bossier. He worked there for over 23 years. There is no doubt that he did work there for that amount of time, but the question is doing what? Just because someone has worked somewhere for a long period of time doesn't qualify them to run the place. You might have a doctor who runs a family clinic every day and has done so for 23 years, but I don't want that same doctor performing my bypass. You might say, "But he's been a doctor for 23 years!" I wouldn't disagree with that, but he wasn't doing heart surgeries. I know that Whittington held some of the highest ranking positions at that place, but how long did he work as a lower level employee before making his advances? One example is that he says that he was the inspector general, overseeing all legal matters at the dept. I know for a fact that he did hold that title, but I also know for a fact that he only did so for approximately 4 months, right before he was appointed to be the chief of corrections. How much experience handling those departmental legal matters could he possibly have gained in the short period of time that he acted in that capacity? If the rest of his credentials are like that one, I would have to question his experience. There is no doubt that Mr. Whittington may be a very nice, Christian, family man, but that alone doesn't qualify him to be our next sheriff. For anyone out there who may think that the person who wins the sheriff's election doesn't really affect you, please keep in mind that millage increase. That affected every citizen in this parish. Remember that crime is on the rise everywhere in this country and even right here in Bossier. Bossier is a very good place to live, but we can't deny seeing a rise in violent crimes in recent times. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the parish, therefore he has a direct bearing on how crime is policed. He can take a proactive response to it and try to stop things before they happen or he can sit back, say crime is low, and react to things when he has to. What kind of sheriff do you want?

  21. Ready For Freddy!!! Welcome Back !! We missed you so much!!!

  22. Well anonymous 11:52 & 11:53, sounds as if this is either Mike McConnell himself or someone very very close to him. Just to let you know, Mr. Wittington has my support and all my families’ votes.

    I am sure YOU would have turned down the any money offered to you, saying; give my share to the other guy, he needs it more. If so, God bless you, but please provide the employer’s name you have turned down money from!

    How many budgets has Mr. McConnell been responsible for other than his household? Not all Lawmen know how to run a business or even know how to manage people, they are just good cops! Just saying...

    36 days and counting!

  23. Anon 1:20...I am not Mike Mcconnell nor someone close to him, my employer never offered me the money you speak of due to the fact that he gave it to Mr. Whittington and a few other of his cronies. I don't need to be close to McConnell to know that its time for a change at the sheriff's dept. I have seen it firsthand. That is the very reason that I am posting as anonymous. I can't post under my name due to the fact that I would undoubtedly suffer repercussions. Maybe if people could see how things truly are on the inside, they would feel differently. To be completely honest, there is no way I could stand in front of my peers knowing that I had taken an enormous raise while they were told that the department just couldn't afford such a thing and then see some of them continue to work 2 and 3 part time jobs to make ends meet and not feel guilty about it. Knowing the job they do requires long, irregular hours that often requires them to miss out on large amounts of time with their loved ones to risk their lives to protect people just like you who appartently have no idea what truly goes on at the Bossier sheriff's dept. I'm not going to speak about McConnell's ability to run a budget. He can do that for himself. I'm simply stating facts that many of the people in this parish have no idea about. I'm not here to advocate Mike Mcconnell or any other candidate, but I am here to speak about the things that I know to be true because I have experienced them right here on the frontlines, not from someone who has something to gain from saying this. Can Mike McConnell run a budget? I think anyone could ask him about that. You don't need to hear what I think about that from me, especially since I have never seen him do it. I have, however, seen Julian Whittington run one, and it doesn't take a financial mastermind to know that he's certainly good at running one into the ground and taking care of his friends. I wouldn't be that surprised to find out that you were Whittington himself, or "someone very close to him". If you're proud of your candidate, post under name. Let everyone know where you stand. If any of you have read the comments over the last few months in regards to deputies being afraid to voice their support for a candidate, believe it. I'm one of them. So, good for you and your family for supporting Chief Whittington, but why don't you come walk a mile in my shoes before you speak so confidently about your support for him.

  24. I went to the Susan G Komen 5k this morning and only saw one person who was running for office and that was Duke Lowrie. Oh and he was running.

  25. It does not matter what we think or what we say, it is is just like the City of Bossier, some bazaar terrible thing has and is going on and they will have their robot clonemen head up every department and this one man will rule through them and obviously there is not one thing we can do about it. When one man is so powerful that he can and did eliminate four department heads and replaced them with his personal robot clones without any sort of outcry from the people,just like Obama's Czars, everybody knows about it but is scared to get involved or helpless to do anything about it or force this one untouchable guy to be accountable, he is just a guy, and regardless of what his czars think he is not immortal!!! Bottom line is they are good at what they do and we obviously so far are not a match for their plans they have for us, which includes their candidates either remaining in power to do their bidding or replacing the outgoing with the same.Debate till cows come home, it will not matter unless we eliminate the source, or unplug the Wizard of Oz!!!

  26. Why did you not run for office? Easier to whine and cry?

  27. Oh I wish it was as simple as crying, I have done everthing humanly possible to help break the mold and support someone that I know will make a difference and genuinely care about Louisiana, Bossier and the people instead of promoting their personal agenda and power.When you see that appointed and elected officials are able to play God with the lives of others, and no one will listen or cares then what do you suggest we do to get their attention? the media knows it is going on and they just turn a blind eye like the left wing media does for Obama. I guess we will just have to wait till the upcoming episode airs to wake folks up and maybe forces them to take notice. Looks like Hope and Change is still the theme, for the Sheriff, Adley and Smith and they are running on their record!!or lack there of??? Lord help us!

  28. Anyone interested in talking about Police Jury races?

  29. Sure, Wands B. Needs to go home.

  30. Anon 4:14, that's a good start. What about the other incumbents that have drawn opponents?

  31. Well it's election time in Bossier Parish! All of the past deeds that some political figures would hope that nobody would remember are going to come back to haunt them.
    Sheveport Times reports that the Bossier Police Jury paid for 9 repersentives to attend Mardi Gras in Washington D.C. Taxpayer tab for the 2010 trip was $22,809.56. Jury members that attended were Parish Administrator Bill Altimus, Barry Butler, Wanda Bennett, Glenn Benton, Paul Plummer and Rick Avery. The jury also paid airfare for CIC Director Craig Spohn to attend?? They also paid all expenses for Parish Engineer Joe Ford and Parish Attorney Patrick Jackson. We don't know how much was spent in 2011, but I'm sure someone can let us know. If you use the cost of the 2010 trip and project that cost over the 4 years of this current term, that is a total of $91,200.00, plus or minus a few dollars!
    I know this has been covered on this site before but, politicians believe that voters have short memory's. They count on it.
    What was the return on that investment? Could we have gotten the same return for less money spent? The elected officials in Washington work for the taxpayers, and why can't the Police Jury meet with them at thier local offices? It would cost alot less. Let them know that you haven't forgotten when you go to the polls, vote them out and let them know that it is not ok to party on your tax money.

  32. Oh I had forgotten about the Washington mardi gras party.

    Let's not forget the bossier ems thing with the Sammy Halpen show. An organized effort to get their guy in by tearing a good man down. Shameful to say the least.

    The P.j. members have become arrogant like many other elected officials. Many believe they are entitled and somehow above the public they serve. We need elected officials who are humble and accountable to the people not the other way around.

  33. Jim, are you OK? You have been painfully quiet for over a week it seems to me or longer.

  34. Why so down on Wanda?

  35. I think it is funny how everyone is down on Julian when in truth they really don't know anything about him or Mike McConnell or John Hall Matlock. But let me say this...I have worked with 2/3 of the Sheriff's Office candidates and personally know the third. Where I think they are all good people the only one good for the job is Julian. Mike McConnell doesn't have enough experience in areas outside of patrol, for example in administration. And just from the looks of his posts I would have to agree with others who posted about his grammar and spelling. We don't need to look like some crazy hick/redneck parish that can't even use spell check on a computer.And John Hall lets things go to his head too fast. You know gets the big head and arrogant. Plus the man is well beyond retirement age. I realize age discrimination is bad and all, but let's get someone in that can stay in and develop the parish into what it should be. Julian will do just that. There are some good things about to happen with the department and Julian will be good in making sure things go the right way. He is not a puppet for others. He is a man who does have his own backbone regardless of what others might think.

  36. 5:19

    Har, Har, Har! Your post makes me laugh. It is apparent that you have not done your homework on "Julian" or you would know that he is exactly that, a "puppet". If you go to his website or just listen to the things he says, you would know that he isnt going to change a thing. He has said nothing about changing anything in the sheriff's department or in the parish. He only talks about himself and his family. Or better yet, you tell me, since you know him so well, what is he going to change for the better?
    I agree with the poster who quoted the Tea Party's site about Julian taking a $16,000.00 pay raise and Doyle taking a $27,000.00 pay raise. Most folks dont see that type of money in their whole careers. Now I know why Deen rolled the tax forward.... to line some pockets. I say shame on um!!! And, any of you who still stand behind the "cousins" after that, well, you cant fix dumb.

  37. Anon: 5:19
    I agree with you on some points, but on others, I do not. It is true that Mr. McConnell does not have experiance in some areas of the sheriff's department, but I would also say that Mr. Whittington did not either when he started. I believe that it is very important to know the law over anything else in the sheriff's department because the primary function of a law enforcement agency it to protect us from those who would prey on us.
    Our beloved City Marshal Johnny Wyatt did not know anything about the job prior to his election and he did a marvelous job.
    I think that Mr. McConnell is being very wise when he said that he is not going to terminate anyone after he takes office. Any new Sheriff can use all the help they can get.
    Just my thoughts.

  38. 5:19

    M A T is that you again?

    Since you are calling the kettle black, you should have proof read your post prior to posting. You have some problems yourself with grammer, punctuation and sentence structure.

  39. ANON 5:19-From my view I think the BPSO does an excellent job across the board and have many fine men and women executing their jobs in a way that makes us all feel pretty safe. Deen may have had some personal enemies and was not all warm and fuzzy, but the department itself is an effective organization, particularly relative to other "government agencies" I think Whittington is a man of integrity, that, coupled with his experience will lend to a even better run department.

    Taking stabs at Julian really makes you look silly.

  40. Anyone who thinks Larry Deen will not have some kind of control over BPSO after Whittington is Sherriff is crazy. He built his empire and he is not letting go of it. He is only retiring because he was scared of getting beat.

  41. To the post of September 22, 2011 8:43 PM, you seem to be uninformed or desultory. There would be no point in getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  42. Larry Deen retired because the whole parish realized he is crazy as a loon!!!

  43. Jim, are you asleep at the wheel? We need some new articles to argue about! :)

  44. I know, have been sick for a couple of weeks. Better now, will get some new stuff up this weekend.

  45. Sorry to hear that, Jimbo. I've been sick, too.

    For about 52 years.

  46. 10:43,
    Your comments only shows you know I'm right.


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