Monday, September 5, 2011

Candidate Profile: Bobby Edmiston for Bossier Parish Tax Assessor

Bobby W. Edmiston is well known in Bossier Parish. He is a lifelong resident. He is a graduate of Airline High School and Louisiana Tech University, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He is married to Stephanie Delay Edmiston and they have two children, Ashley and Jesse. After graduating from College he worked in the banking industry for 14 years, finishing his career as a Vice-President with Bank One.
He has over 350 hours of education from the International Association of Assessing Officers and is a Certified Louisiana Assessor.
In 1998 he was elected Bossier Parish Assessor. He has implemented many valuable changes as Assessor. He opened a satellite office in Bossier City, to make it more convenient for citizens to use the Assessor’s office; created an interactive website for on-line use; created a GIS (Geographic Information
System) to assist in location and identification of Parish property, roads, waterways and other development features; has assembled a professional and courteous staff to provide services needed to meet Bossier Parish’s growing needs; has been a legislative leader working in conjunction with the
Assessor’s Association and our local delegation to ensure that the rights of our citizens are protected and preserved.
He has been active in our community. He serves on the Republican Parish Executive Committee, the Governor’s Interstate 49 task force, as a member and past President of the Bossier City Rotary Club,
As an Ex-Officio Director of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. He and his family are members of Airline Baptist Church. He is also a member of VFW Post 4588. He is a member of the Louisiana National Guard and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.


  1. Looks as if I am the first to weigh in on this candidate. You all know that I dont like "good ol boys" or the system in which they operate. I find it interesting that Bobbys signs and Julians signs are always together and it is no big secret that they are best friends. Everyone knows that the two of them have signs up everywhere and they dominate the countryside. Just a simple race, I dont think so. Now, I ask myself, "how do they have thier signs on every peice of property east of the Red River?" "Are they using the computer programs of the "Tax Assessors office" for their own personal gain?, which the other candidates dont have access to." Surely not, right? Yeah, I know... "But Bill, they're our leaders"... blah blah blah.... Im just putting out the info and you folks can come to your own conclusions.

  2. ANYONE in the world can access the assessor's public computers available in Benton or Bossier City for access to maps, assessments etc. So saying that they are using the office for personal gain is obviously not knowlegable of the assessor's office. Just sayin'


  4. Bill R.

    I usually agree with your opinions. I also believe we need change but as far as Bobby is concerned, I believe he is actually one of the few good politicians in office right now.

  5. Bill R.

    It is amazing, how some people just pick something out of the air to try to cast a shadow on someone’s character. You do not have to prove anything, just say it. I am sure you have NEVER have done anything on company time or used something from your work for your personal gain. Well, I guess you would do the same if the Pope were running for office! What a sad world! :(

  6. Bobby is a great assessor. He does the job well and would be great for any public office. He is a good man.

  7. Bill,
    I'll meet you half way. Julian will definitely NOT be getting my vote but I will be voting for Bobby.

  8. Bobby has done his job!!! Fair and across the board!! The reason he had an opponent is because he would not cave to some very high profile people that wanted s break that they did not deserve!!! They did not care, just wanted him to give them a break!!! They are "good ole boys" did not care, just wanted a break!! Bobby would not give in!!! So he has an opponent, so they can get their way!!!

  9. Bobby has done a great job as assessor. It is a thankless job, but he has done it well and done it fairly.

  10. Ahhh, aint it great! Thats what I like to see, our First Amendment at work. I sometimes like being the devils advocate and I retract everything I wrote. Just wanted to stir the pot a little... I have met Bobby on many occasions and I like him so dont shoot me just yet... just making things a little interesting. I dont need to say anything about Julian, everyone knows where I stand on that issue.


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