Monday, September 5, 2011

This week is official start of election season

All candidates for public office this fall will be qualifying for election Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
I will post a list every evening of the candidates who have qualified on that day.
I'm wondering how many surprises there will be?
I'm also wondering if Robert Adley will have some competition.  The rumor has been that Bill Altimus will mount a challenge.  We'll see.
I also heard that Henry Burns may be challenged.  Again, we'll see.
Of course, some most of the races are already pretty well defined. 
We know that we will have a new sheriff and a new representative from District 8 when the dust settles.  Bossier City will have a new councilman for District 5, and the Police Jury will see some new faces.
Hold on to your hats, we could have a couple of good races shaping up.



  2. senator adley has earned some opposition


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