Monday, January 16, 2012

The Gift

I did a blog post a couple of weeks ago entitled This was Country, brought on by a Facebook friend posting a Hank Williams song.
A friend of mine read the post and told me if I like Hank Williams, that he had a gift for me.
I met up with my friend and his wife a few days later and he gave me a beautiful box set of Hank Williams CD's, ten of them, with a nice booklet full of information and pictures.  When I told him I would have to blog on it, he asked me not to use his name, so I won't.  I really did enjoy our short visit, and got a couple of great hugs from Mrs. Friend.
They also gave me a baggie full of Lesbian cookies, properly titled The Best Cookies in the World.  They were awesomely great.
Seriously, this is a great gift and greatly appreciated.
Thank You!


  1. That IS a nice gift! You have a nice friend.

    He didn't put you in one of his videos, did he? LOL!

  2. Pat, it really is nice, and not, he hasn't put me in one of his videos yet. Don't give him ideas.

  3. Chicken hat...ball cap...chicken hat...ball cap...


  4. Lesbian cookies........nope, just leave it alone

  5. had to go deep in to the comments to pick up on the "Lesbian Cookie" deal...but you're right. Best left alone.

    Jimbo, Ur welkum! Glad u lik it.

    BTW: Thanks a whole helluvalot for keeping that just between us!!!

    Pat...NEVER give Jim anything...the old fart...

  6. Andy, you said 'don't use my name'. I didn't. And it is a wonderful gift, have been listening to the CD's today.

  7. Hope you're enjoying 'em, Jimbo.


    I'm sure they will keep you occupied longer than the Lesbo Cookies did.

  8. Yep, the cookies went fast. Those things were good!
    By the way, I see that you are the featured blog over on Pat's blog. Not to be nosy, but how much did that set you back?

  9. Some of us know how to keep private things private.

    So, it's NONE of your business.

  10. My dad, who lived in Iowa his whole live except for when he was in the Navy in WWII, like Hank Williams and would listen to his records. Because of that I liked Hank Williams and the old style country music. The twangy and nasally the better.
    I think the last of the old breed is George Strait. Now days, that stuff they're trying to shove on is "AIN'T COUNTRY!"
    I like all types of music. RAP doesn't count, because it "AIN'T MUSIC!" Because of RAP I've long since forgiven disco.
    Enjoy your CD's and Lesbian cookies. I guess is one allergic to nuts would find those type of cookies appealing.

  11. Meant to say if one is allergic to...

  12. Hah! I agree about George Strait and have said the same thing, he is the last REAL country singer.

  13. Too smooth, not twangy enough. Good singer, but pop/country, not true old fashioned country.

  14. Okay. Not to start a fight here...but Strait isn't really twangy IMHO.

    Plus, I don't know if he actually knows how to play a guitar. He just stands there and holds it for 99% of whatever song he's singing, and flashes his toothy grin.

    Don't get me wrong. I like the guy just fine. But, I once heard him in an interview where he said that he doesn't write songs...he's not a "songwriter," he said. He's a singer.

    I decided to go Goobling, just to make sure I heard that right.

    That could be wrong, too. But, I'm pretty sure I remember George talking about it in an interview.

    Nothing really wrong with that I guess...and it's hard to argue with success. Many big stars of the past relied on songwriters for many of their hits.

    But, it just kind of put me off...I mean, the GREATS at least scribble on a tabletop occasionally.

  15. George Jones never wrote a song. Case closed.

  16. Not to continue an argument here...but George Jones sucks.

    NEVER cared for the guy.

    But, that's just me.

  17. BTW, if the Wickidpedia can be believed, Possum did write a few.

    Just sayin'...

  18. I don't know Andy, I think 'He stopped loving her today' is as good as it gets.

  19. He Stopped Loving Her Today is quite possibly the best country song ever written/recorded/whatever.

    I will give Possum that one.

    It's funny that you mention that. I was just about to amend my suckage comment when it comes to George. It was on some Nashville show that I saw George, Glen Campbell, Bobby Bare, and Don Williams being interviewed. It was probably Ralph Emery doing the interview.

    He asked George about the smashola of all country hits. George said something like, "Well, they brought this song to me and I listened to it. I finally said, 'well, hell I'll record it. But, nobody'll buy it. It's just too damn sad.'"

  20. Well, I like George Strait, but I don't think he is old-fashioned country and western like Hank Williams, Tex Ritter, Loretta Lynn, etc. He is more Texas Western Swing. He had a song that was not a hit, but I used to play the tape with it over and over when I was truck driving. I think it was called "Rhythm of the Road", but it was not a country song.

  21. DW - you're thinking of Harmie Smith, read my original country post.

  22. Okay, Anon @ 5:53 is RIGHT!

    Strait is more akin to Western Swing than real country.

    Well said, Anon.

    Not that there's anything wrong with Western Swing. In fact, I prefer Bob Wills style stuff to Hank.

    That's why I gave Jim the friggin' CDs, that he could not keep his mouth shut about.

  23. Oh Boy, I started a disagreement with my George Strait comments.
    True, George Strait isn't like Bob Wills or even if you want to go back to the Grandfather of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers. But he's more like old style country than any other act today that sounds just like every other act today.
    BTW, love western swing.
    And if you like old twany stuff there George Jones, Buck Owens, Lefty Frizzel, and other legends.

  24. Mr. SIGIS, I agreed with you so you can't be wrong.

  25. Andy,

    Bob Wills ("aaahhhhhh!")and the Texas Playboys ("sing it Tommy, sing it,") had some great music, which I've tried playing Bob Wills around Mrs. SIGIS. She didn't like it.
    I've tired playing Buck Owens and Eddie Arnold for her too. Nope.
    I love the old stuff. and years ago when I was working the night shift I loved listening to the Larry Scott Show on KWKW. Larry Scott knew a lot about country music, and I learned a lot by listening to him.
    My parents listened to country music and I grew up listening to a station out of Ft Dodge, Iowa called KWMT. They prided themselves as being the, "Country Music Authority."
    WHO out of Des Moines use to have a night show called Country Music USA. "From Coast to Coast, Border to Border and then some!"
    Also in Des Moines was a radio and television station,KRNT, that use to have its own theater (The KRNT Theater) and evey every so often they would have the KRNT Theater's Grand Old O'pry which starred people from the Grand Old O'pry in Nashville. The time my parents took me it starred Hank Snow and Lorretta Lynn. I was probably 9 or 10 years old then.
    Most "country singers" today couldn't even begin to h hold the old timers' guitar straps.

  26. Okay, Mr. SGIS, I can understand The Mrs. not caring for Buck Owens...never cared for him myself.

    But Eddie Arnold? Bob Wills?

    Who could not LOVE the both of 'em???

    I'll bet she don't like Faron Young, neither.


    I smile every time I walk past that statue of Hank Snow...

  27. Andy,

    Gotta love Hank Snow, he's been everywhere.

    Maybe I need to play Cattle Call for Pat. The yodeling is irresistable to all that hears.


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