Sunday, December 2, 2012

Benton Christmas on the Square next Saturday

Benton Christmas on the Square is next Saturday (December 8th). Bring the family up for a good time; the parade rolls at 3PM.


  1. Oh Ed, you'll be over there with a sack to catch candy . . .

  2. But this rated G stuff just doesn't get the blood flowing like your political posts.

  3. Well I am always willing to make very provocative comments and get the blood pressure up. The Hughes House looks very stately in this photo. It is a shame that it could not be left on its original site, because of the vandalism, and lack of interest in going off the beaten path to see it. But it has been fixed up really well since it was moved to Benton. This might not be the biggest, nor the most elaborate antebellum mansion that a slave-owner built with his wealth gained through the abuse of other humans, but it is indeed a nice stately home.


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