Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final Score: U. L. Coleman 25,000,000 - City of Bossier 0

This is the press release from the City of Bossier on the Walker Place settlement. It appears that the City totally folded. 
How could it get to this point over a simple curb cut? My theory is that it was nothing but pride and power. The City Council took a stand and instead of wisely coming to a mutual agreement, they hung on and spent millions fighting the lawsuit – out of pride and stubbornness. I could be wrong, but it sure as heck appears that way.
I especially love the spin in the last paragraph, “The City of Bossier City is excited about the opportunity to facilitate and support this exciting new development in South Bossier and looks forward to the added quality of life it will bring to residents and visitors.”
May be, but I bet it tastes more like crow than chicken.
Elliott Stonecipher estimates that the total cost to the city will come to $25,000,000.
As part of a comprehensive settlement resolving pending litigation, the City of Bossier City will be entering into a Consent Decree and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with U.L. Coleman Company, Sequoia venture No. 2, Ltd., A. Teague Parkway, L.L.C., and Walker Place, L.L.C. to facilitate and fund infrastructure in a 90 plus acre commercial and residential development in South Bossier.
The settlement was approved this afternoon by the Bossier City Council during a special meeting called to address the issue.
The litigation filed in 2008 centered around the establishment of a curb cut on the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway for access to the proposed development to be located north of Walker Place. As part of the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement the city will grant a curb cut and a median cut on Teague Parkway among other items including:
· $10.4 million for infrastructure in the mixed use development.
· $1 million to develop a city park on city property north of the CenturyLink Center. U.L. Coleman Company will provide funds for the park's design.
· Construction of an elevated pedestrian/bicycle walkway over the Teague Parkway in the vicinity of the proposed park.
· $6.7 million in damages and costs.
· A transfer of 39.4 acres of city property for use in expanding the mixed use development to more than 90 acres. The property to be transferred is bordered by Walker Place, Barksdale Boulevard, Angelle Drive and CenturyLink Drive.
As a community partner, U.L. Coleman Company has also agreed to fund $100,000 to implement regulations to provide standards for future residential and commercial development in the Barksdale Boulevard corridor in South Bossier.
The City of Bossier City is excited about the opportunity to facilitate and support this exciting new development in South Bossier and looks forward to the added quality of life it will bring to residents and visitors.


  1. Expensive pissing match

  2. The only winner. U.L. Coleman and Jimmy Hall buddies at the law firm that handled this case for the last 5 years

  3. Election coming up, couldn't have it hanging out there.

  4. The Parkway just turned into Airline Drive. They can't tell anybody no. Our only by-pass was just violated and developers will now take it over. A 200 million dollar project down the drain because of Mr. Coleman.

  5. Because of Mr. Coleman? Get over yourself. The city didn't have to sell him the property or approve the job, but then they tried to screw him and refused to refund the property.

    In case you haven't noticed, developers have already taken over. Do the names John Goode or Tim Larkin ring a bell? They and their buddies have driven the city's finances into the ground.

  6. This is just another Lo Walker deal. First the bridge that could have been an underpass for 1/10th the cost, then the cyberspace command post before it was decided where it was going to be located and now this fiasco. With over the 100 million dollars Lo Walker has wasted the city could have improved the waste water stations and we wouldn't have to tolerate the awful smell in several parts of the city. But then none of those areas are near Lo Walker's house.

  7. It used to be near his house. Soon after becoming mayor he moved from Bellaire to Stonebridge. To a $500,000 home by the way. Things that make you go hmmmmm.
    I was told that Coleman wanted to put this project next to Bass Pro but was talked out of it and talked into putting down in South Bossier with all these promises from the city. But after he purchased the land the city reneged on the promises. I'm sure that's what happened since they caved on the lawsuit. Since this went on for 5 years I'm sure Jimmy Hall's friends who handled the lawsuit got rich as well.

  8. These crooks gotta go. Election time not far off. Let us rally around a good person and get rid of the Bossier Mob! Are we not tired of electing the product of corruption? This cannot continue.

  9. It appears that the City is going to build the project and just give it to Coleman. He knew there was a "no curb cut" policy when he bought the property. If someone with the City told him they would "fix it" then they should have been help accountable. Something needs to be done about the mayor and council spending tax money to promote private enterprises in the name of economic development. Makes one wonder what was given to the individuals to make them "cave in". Hopefully someone respectable will step up and run for Mayor. I certainly someone will run for the South Bossier Council seat. They will definitely get my support.

  10. Another fine example of the cooperation between government and private enterprise!

  11. Another fine example of the cooperation between government and private enterprise!

  12. I am so happy that others have seen this case and are sickened by it. I actually sent emails to my city council member, with cc's to everyone in the Times paper that i thought might, just might want to report about this, yet all I got was NOTHING. I would suggest several people need to be fired and several more need to quit due to this mess. How do you go from saying no for a curb cut to giving property/money to the tune of 25 mil plus. The city attorney definately needs to get the hook, but I just remembered Bossier City/Bossier Parish is good ole boy country. Just remember the attorney with the BP School Board representing both sides of the same case..LOL. He got off with no penality at all and the Bossier Parish attorney got his Daddy a cushy job with the DA's office. More of the you scratch my back and I'll put money in your wallet from our politicians. Take a look at the fact that our Parish Administrator is actually on the Police Jury, the same group that is his boss. Do you not think that he can "do no wrong" and will never be fired since his is buddy buddy with all the Jury? Then look at the job the Parish Administator GAVE to the retired Rep Montgomery, a job made just for him, and the job that the parish CREATED OUR OF THIN air for the retiring BC Fire Chief. Yes a job that is already handled by a combined Caddo/Bossier Parish Homeland Security office. If we just cut the BS jobs and made our employees responsible for their jobs, we could lower taxes significantly. Then again who will report about this in the local paper or on the new?? NO ONE as apparently the government agencies around here run a reporter retirement program, where the reporters keep quiet for 10-15 years then get hired by the government for that cushy retirement plan. What a group of corrupt people we have!!! Just don't dare cross them as you'll end up on the wrong side of the law, as they are definately vindictive and willing to use their power to get what they want. Remember Chubby Knight? Yes he was stupid for what he did, but for the DA's office to drop the charges as long as he resigned from the Council, wth? Remember Knight had stated that the powers that be wanted him off the council and suddenly he is OFF due to a deal by the DA. You wash my hands and I'll wash yours at work. Best government that money and friends can buy, too bad it doesn't work that good for the rest of us.

  13. Well there's also a lot of people who live in south bossier who have been pushing for this for years. Glad to see that someone finally had the light bulb come on and realize there's a ton of people who live in south bossier that want more retail, dining, and whatever else they want to build. Woooooo great job keep they business coming to south bossier.


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