Monday, December 3, 2012

The Louisiana Tech - Indy Bowl fiasco

Everyone is talking about the Louisiana Tech – Independence Bowl fiasco. Here is a video with ESPN’s take on it. For a good, detailed account go over to Tim Fletcher’s blog and read this blog post.


  1. I don't blame La Tech for wanting to go to a bigger bowl and make more money. The Independence Bowl has been going downhill for a few years now. It seems Missy Setters and that crew need to be fired. ULM and Ohio. Really? I predict less than 30,000 in attendance. They need to start giving better payouts if they want better teams. If not then they might as well fold like every other sports attraction we have had in this town.

  2. Anon @3:56...I've spoken to several Tech alumni, and a mother of one of the players.

    Hell, at 9-3, they'd love to go to a bowl game in Dubach!!!

    BAD, BAD judgement.

    BTW...I had the Indy Bowl written off when it was LA Tech v. N. Illinois a couple of years ago. It was a helluva game.

    And, lookie where N. Illinois is now.

    The Indy Bowl does not suck. I will agree that there will be a tiny turnout this year. But, that is not the fault of the bowl committee (who I know not much of). You take what you can get. Sometimes you can get LSU v. Notre Dame. Sometimes all you can get is ULM v. Ohio. You do the best you can with what you've got...

  3. I don't blame I-Bowl for going with Ohio. Tech is not near the program It's supporters believe. You held out for the Liberty and got burned. Why would a bowl other than the Independence want Tech. Claim to fame is a 9-3 record which included wins over Houston, Rice, Illinoise and Virginia, schools which combine a 17-31 record. To top it off your average home attendance is 24,000. Bowls also take into consideration prospective fans that will travel and Tech doesn't cut the mustard.

  4. In defense of La Tech the odds of being frozen out were near nil. La Tech alumni have served on the Bowl committee over the years and knew the I-Bowl typically strong arm bowl-iffy contenders. There was absolutely no good reason to not wait until Saturday. However, the I-Bowl has never waited. They have strong armed many times in the past and have been successful. Both gambled and both lost. The I-Bowl is done if it cannot find a way to double the payout. LaTech found out nobody wants them.

  5. La Tech has an excellent program. Problem is people around here won't get their heads out of LSU's ass.

  6. Well, Anon at 8:07...

    I guess people around here won't get a chance to get their heads out of LSU's ass, seeing as Tech will be a no-show.

    Not sayin' you're wrong. And, not sayin' you're right.

    Just sayin'... Tech really screwed the pooch on this deal, and I feel bad for the kids that truly EARNED a bowl appearance.

  7. I agree Tech has some blame but the Indy bowl committee has been bringing this game down for several years now

  8. Responding to December 4 - 8:07

    I understand LSU is the state's crowned jewel when it comes to college football. I am a huge LSU fan. But I am also a huge La. Tech fan. I go to several games a year. No, it's not Tiger Stadium, and their opponents are not called the Crimson Tide or Gators, but going to a Tech game does offer a very pleasant and spirited college football game atmosphere. I believe most true college football fans from the area who have never been to a Tech game would not regret a trip to Ruston on a football Saturday.


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