Thursday, December 6, 2012

Undecided Voters


  1. So if an individual just totally does not like both candidates and can't make up said, individual's mind , that individual is an idiot.

    A man named Garcia was quoted as, "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

    That, in my book, is not an idiotic statement.

    Conventional wisdom would therefor state that Kartman's post, "Undecided=idiot", is an idiotic statement and Kartman is an idiot for making the statement.

    Not a personal attack,Jim, just an observation.

  2. By the way, my above post is meant to be pure sarcasm as that cartoon is pure sarcasm.

    This is just a small time judges political race.

    I can't wait for the entertainment to come when the city elections come in the spring.

  3. Anon at 12:05 you are correct. I think Kartman is an idiot also.

  4. And one other thing Anon, I bet Kartman is also a coward. I doubt Kartman is his real name and he is afraid to reveal his real identity.

  5. Anon@ 12:05, your comment got me to thinking. I had initially agreed with Kartman (pretty sure it's not his real name, and is cowardly hiding behind it, unlike "Anonymous").

    Regardless, your comment got me to thinking back on my own personal voting history. The very first vote I was able to cast was in a local proposition to air condition the Bossier Parish Schools. It was a 1/4% sales tax. Being a recent graduate that had suffered through 12 years of hot classrooms, I opened up the polls that morning and proudly voted for the proposition. I was NOT undecided about that.

    Then, I thought through my votes for US President, House, Senate, etc...and I could only come up with one occasion that I was undecided. In the Bush I/Bubba/Perot Presidential race, I DECIDED that I did not want any of the three. So, I did not vote for any of them that year. I voted on the other races, but not for any lesser of three evils. I wasn't "undecided," even though friends told me, "If you don't vote, you're voting for Clinton...Bush...Perot...yada yada yada...". Screw 'em...I don't vote for lesser evil.

    I thought about my Gubernatorial election votes. There was only one occasion that I was undecided between the lesser of two evils. In the Edwards/Duke election, I stayed at home. I DECIDED that neither deserved my vote, so I opted out. this point in my thinking, I'd never been "undecided."

    But...I was trying to give your argument credence...maybe there is an occasion when being "undecided" does not make one an idiot. And, a light bulb moment came when I remembered a local school board election that I truly was "undecided" about. I had great respect for both of the candidates. They were both VERY good people, that truly had the interests of our skoo chirrens at heart.

    One was an older lady that had served a few terms, and I KNEW to have the best interest of our kids at heart. The other was a young man that I knew without a doubt was investing his time and energy in the lives of kids, and also cared about the future of our youngsters. In that ONE instance I was "undecided".

    So, I guess I've got to back off of agreeing that being undecided really makes you an idiot.

    But sadly, those occasions where you just can't decide which of the two really great people to vote FOR is far too rare. For me, in 35 years of voting, it's been only once.

  6. BTW, Jimbo...the blog looks a lot better today. Imma give it a "like."

    For now.

  7. Andy! You are an indecisive Joker. Bet you could not decide between Romney and Obama.

  8. Andy, I think I'm getting it tweaked about right.
    You and Bill need to go easy on Kartman, I have it on good reference that he is an older fellow, have some respect.

  9. Go easy on Kartman?

    You're getting soft in your old age.

  10. BTW...I really do like the layout now. Especially The Slimes deal with the "Obituaries" link.

    With each passing day, I find more friends there.


  11. I've heard that even tho he is an idiot, he is a good looking son of a gun

  12. Ummm...well...I guess "good looking" is in the eye of the beholder.

  13. No one should be undecided in this judge race. They know their sides.

  14. That always was one of my favorite moments from that show. Reminded me of Guiliani...always talking about 9/11.

  15. I am anon @12:05 and I choose to stay Anonymous.

    Incognitoness(sp?, not sure if it is a word) works for me.

    So, who won the race?

  16. Anon @12:05, and @6:43 PM...


    I like it. Really.

  17. I am still undecided.


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