Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bossier Parish Police Jury sues Walton Construction

The Bossier Parish Police Jury has filed suit in District Court against Walton Construction, Bernhard Mechanical Contractors Inc, BCI Inc, SECURTEC Inc & Glass Contractors Inc for breach of contract due to substandard work and products used in the $26,000,000 Bossier Parish Courthouse Addition & Remodel.

The Police Jury alleges:

1. That Walton failed to complete unacceptable & incomplete work on punch lists that were attached to certificates of completion. Alliance, Inc., the architect of record, estimates the value of the incomplete and unacceptable items is $516,310. The suit alleges that 'for all practical purposes, Walton has abandoned the project'.

2. BCI, Inc. was to furnish all courtroom furniture, panel work & woodwork. Construction details, fastening, tolerances and workmanship were to meet AWI standards for premium grade. The suit alleges that the millwork does not meet those standards. Alliance estimates the value at $250,000 to $350,0000.

3. Bernhard was to provide water, sewer, HVAC & other mechanical systems for the project. The suit alleges that the HVAC system was started and operated by Walton and Bernhard prior to the installation of the chemical feed system for the water piping, causing damage to the system. Alliance estimates this at $430,429.

4. SECURETEC was charged with installing security systems. The suit alleges that they failed to meet the plans and specifications of the contract. Among other things, the card system used for entry to the building by employees has never worked.

5. Glass Contractors was contracted to furnish glasswork, windows, storefront and the aluminum curtain wall, entrances and door hardware. The problems listed are water leaks and intrusions at the windows, multiple windows cracking due to improper materials or installation, aluminum in the curtain wall and store front were damaged during installation and door hardware at the main entrance has repeatedly failed to operate properly. The suit says that Glass Contractors have attempted to correct the deficiencies, but some remain.

The suit asks for a declaration of the court of any amounts owed to Walton at completion of the contract. The suit states that the disputes that exist are too numerous to detail in the 23 page petition.

The suit was filed by Patrick Jackson, Parish Attorney assisted by Kenneth Mascagni of Cook, Yancey, King and Galloway and Misty Alexander of Lemle & Kelleher.
When Walton files an answer, we will update.

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