Thursday, June 12, 2008

Henry Burns Against Pay Raise

I was very pleased to learn today that my State Representative (Henry Burns) will not support the proposed pay raise on Friday.
I emailed the following to Rep. Burns on Tuesday:

Mr Burns,
I hope you will oppose the pay raise bill just sent to the House from the Senate. I was very disappointed to see that Robert Adley supported it. I also noted that Dr Shaw and Sherri Cheek both opposed. It would be obscene to increase the base from $16,000 to $50,000+.
Thank You,

Today I received the following reply:

Thank you for the e-mail. Rep. Burns will not support the proposed pay raise. He feels the same way that you do. Please contact our office again with any future questions or concerns that you may have.
Dodie Horton
Rep.Henry Burns
District 9

I have emailed Mr. Burns (a freshman legislator) on a couple of other occasions and have always received a prompt reply, either from him or Dodie Horton.
Good job, Mr. Burns.

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