Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oliver Stone's "W" Big Boost to Shreveport's Movie Industry

It's been a busy year for the Shreveport movie industry.

Josh Brolin appears as George W. Bush in "W.," directed by Oliver Stone. It will be filming through July. The production also has found locations to double for Crawford, Texas; Kennebunkport, Maine, and even Colorado. It will erect White House sets inside StageWorks of Louisiana, a large soundstage in downtown Shreveport.

Val Kilmer and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson are starring in "Microwave Park." Jack Black and Harold Ramis made "Year One." Ice Cube played coach for "The Longshots" (aka "Comeback"). And Samuel L. Jackson returned here for "Soul Men."

The productions have tallied more than 1,500 temporary crew jobs, well more than 14,000 nights in local hotel rooms and 379 production days. So far this year the 14 movies have totalled $185 million in production value.

Overall in 2007, there were 24 productions that accounted for $181.5 million in production budgets and 557 production days.

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