Friday, June 20, 2008

Recall Jindal?

People all over the state are furious at the legislature for passing a huge pay raise, and they are angry at the governor for failing to veto it, as he had promised to do when campaigning last fall.

From Jindal Watch


  1. Mr. Jindal obviously places a higher value on his "word" to the legislature than on his "word" to the people of Louisiana. As reprehensible as their raw greed may be, at least the legislators did not claim to be doing anything other than a money grab. Mr. Jindal is not honoring his word and in doing so dishonors the people of the state he governs. He is an opportunist, we are a stepping stone in his political climb, his prize is not in Louisiana or for the benefit of Louisiana. I am tired of being lied to and tired of men and women who aspire to leadership being people who we cannot put forward as honorable men and women, models for our community.

  2. His entire public career has shown very little accomplishment and a lot of ambition and self-promotion. It never ceases to amaze me that the public can be so vulnerable to slick packaging and smooth talk.


    Download, print, and get started, folks!!!

  4. How funny yet sad is this?? As the cost of the war goes up so does the price of gas! Now Louisiana taxpayer has to pay for the legislator's pay raise in a time when our every dollar literally counts!!! Most companies pay raise is between 3 to 7%!! Now I'm not sure of the exact percentage of the pay raise but it is astronomically absurd for a bunch idiots who only work 60 days out of the year (well maybe 70 if there is a special session). I feel like a complete a** hole for ever supporting this guy recall him NOW!!!!!!!!


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