Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Best Food in Town

There is a great article over at T Wong's Gazette entitled Another Thing I Like about Shreveport. This time it's the food. Kent Payne, transplanted here from Baton Rouge, is spot on in his analysis of the restaurants he mentions.
I have about two brain cells left, and one of them shorts in and out, but they both kicked in when I read his blog on Shreveport restaurants.
I went on a trip down memory lane. We have a lot of good local restaurants, but a lot have just faded away.
How about Sansone's for Sunday Lunch?
Or the Revana in Bossier for wonderful Italian food and steaks?
Don's Seafood recently closed, but who remembers back in the 50's when it was the Mirror Steak House?
Ernest's on Commerce Street before they built up on the hill?
How many of you ended a night of partying at Kickapoo at 2 in the morning with steak and eggs? Everyone was there, the Bossier Strip was hot.
The Studio Steak House was just across the street.
Remember Picadilly Italian Restaurant on Louisiana (no longer there) next to the Train Station (no longer there)?
Want a greasy spoon? Remember the Chat N' Chew at Curtis Lane and Greenwood Road? Great hamburgers and a huge plate of fried peach and apple pies on the counter. If I remember, they were 15 cents each, but well worth it!
The best hamburger in town was at the Tic Toc Grill on Line Avenue across from P & S Hospital. Hamburger, hash browns and a piece of pie put you in a sublime state.
Kent, thanks for sending me on this rant!

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