Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bossier/Webster Judge's Race: Burchett has double the contributions of Craig

Judge Dewey Burchett has raised twice as much money through contributions as Mike Craig, according to reports on the Louisiana Ethics Commission website.
Burchett has topped $100,000 in contributions, while Craig has not, at time of filing, reached $50,000. Craig does have loans topping $50,000, to even the playing field.
Both candidates have commissioned polls. Judge Burchett paid Evets $7,250, and Craig has paid McRei Inc more than $15,000 for polling.
It would be interesting to see the results made public.
As a side note, Craig paid $1,375 to The Inquisitor for advertising. The Inquistor came out last week with a picture of a local attorney who was arrested for DUI and had Judge Burchett's picture on the front page too. The Inquisitor said that 'reliable sources' told them that the attorney was Burchett's hatchet man.
Wonder who those 'reliable sources' were?
You can see the disclosure forms on the Ethics Board website.

Judge Burchett's:

Mike Craig's:


  1. Craig's link is broken. Let us know when the link for Craig is fixed or when you find a new one!!

  2. This one should work - I will change it in the body of the blog.

  3. Great, thanks!
    And that was verrrrry interesting.


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