Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thompson, Fleming attack Gorman

Article by Sam Hanna, Jr in The Ouachita Citizen. You can read the complete story there.

It's not often two congressional candidates get together and simultaneously issue news releases criticizing a third candidate. That's especially true when the candidates in question are all Republicans who are running against one another in a party primary election. But that's exactly what transpired this week in the 4th District congressional race in northwestern Louisiana where Congressman Jim McCrery, a Republican, opted not to run for re-election. McCrery's decision to bow off the elected scene in lieu of a more lucrative one as a lobbyist opened the door for a host of Republicans who desire to succeed him.
The possible successors include Dr. John Fleming of Minden, businessman Chris Gorman of Shreveport and Jeff Thompson, an attorney from Bossier City. It was Fleming and Thompson who jointly decided they were fed up with Gorman's campaign tactics, dispatching separate news releases on Monday in which they called out Gorman for running a negative, misleading campaign in the 4th District race. The party primary election is Oct. 4.
Armed with a family fortune, Gorman has spent a boat load of his daddy's money on campaign television advertisements and the like. He claims he's a Ronald Reagan Republican who's created some 500 jobs in the private sector. He also says he's pro-life and pro-gun, key talking points for any Republican candidate in the Deep South.
Yet, telephone calls and direct mail pieces 4th District Republicans received from Gorman's camp in recent weeks apparently angered Fleming and Thompson enough to prompt them to respond, questioning Gorman's integrity, or lack thereof. Of the two candidates—Fleming and Thompson—it was Thompson who was a bit more pointed in his criticism of Gorman, according to the news releases filtered to the media.


  1. Evidently Fleming and Thompson have seen the new polls showing Gorman now up over the 50% mark. Uh, this isn't going to help guys.

  2. And how much of wifey's beer money is John McCain spending?

    It really doesn't matter to me as long as it's legal.

    I think Fleming and "Who-the-heck-is" Johnson have resorted to the tactic of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

  3. No I think it's more about sleazy campaigning tactics on the side of Gorman.

    Calling houses saying Thompson defends crack cocaine dealers is a little far fetched especially for a primary!!

    And about Gorman's polls. They are skewed. He manipulated them for his own benefit. There is no way on earth Gorman will represent the Republicans come election time.

  4. Everybody skews polls. Every poll is different and is usually skewed to favor the person who paid for it.
    Would you buy a product if it constantly gave you unfavorable results?

    All I know is we don't need another lawyer in the government, and the last doctors I heard of in Congress were Ron Paul and Howard Dean.

    Besides, it would be nice to have some younger people in Congress who may have a different angle and interest than the older established guys.


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