Saturday, September 27, 2008

DA has 'personal ax to grind'

There is coverage of the Bossier/Webster judge's race in The Times this morning.

The race ultimately boils down to a contest between Marvin and Burchett, said Elliot Stonecipher, a political and demographic analyst with Evets Management Services.
"You quite literally have the DA who has a personal ax to grind, well, let me restate that, an ax to grind at least as a DA to a judge, and that is not terribly unusual by the way; it happens in a lot of parishes," Stonecipher said.
"When the DA decides a judge needs to go, which is what happened in this case, someone like a Mike Craig ends up running."

"The thing you have to understand about incumbent judges with a challenger is that there's usually something more going on than meets the eye," said Jeffery Sadow, an associate professor of political science at LSU-Shreveport. "It's very unusual for a sitting judge to be challenged because the incumbent very often wins. ... So, in this instance, it's largely because a certain set of people are unhappy with the incumbent for various reasons."

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  1. well, i guess he does. when a judge sentences someone to probation who rapes a 10 year old boy, i would think the DA does get a little ticked off. duh!


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