Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dewey Burchett and the Good Old Boys

NOTE: I orginally posted a picture of Schuyler Marvin and Mike Craig at a Craig fundraiser. It seemed to upset some people that I posted the picture, so I took it down. I only posted it to prove a point, and I believe the objections prove that point more eloquently than the picture itself.

Judge Dewey Burchett is no stranger to attacks from the good old boys. When he was City Attorney of Bossier City he was instrumental in uncovering and correcting problems in the Police Department.
When it came out that some in the department were using interrogation tactics that were nothing short of torture, the good old boys tried to cover it up. You know the syndrome, pretend it’s not there and maybe it will go away. What the people don’t know won’t hurt them.
Dewey Burchett enlisted the aid of the FBI and cleaned up the problem. This did not endear him to the good old boys and the machine politicians.
He was not elected judge with the help of a political machine. He has never been a part of that sort of thing, but has instead held office by virtue of his character on and off the bench.
Now the good old boys are back. The District Attorney, born into a politically influential family, is supporting Judge Burchett’s opponent, an assistant DA. The boys are on the attack.
Let them bring it on. Judge Burchett told me not long ago “I was a fighter pilot, I’m not afraid of anything.”
I believe him.
Give this long consideration, forget all the political rhetoric and look at the facts:
Degree in Government from LSU.
Served as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force from 1962 – 1967.
After service, got his law degree from LSU.
Served as City Attorney of Bossier City.
Served as District Judge for the last 20 years.
Give it your consideration and then give your continued support to Dewey Burchett.


  1. Do you have permission to use this picture? Because I know who took it and they would never allow it to be used followed by a PACK OF LIES!!!!!

  2. Looks like we have a mole in the Craig campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cant trust anyone anymore can we??

  3. I heard Schuyler say at defense attorney meeting today when asked about the race that he was staying out of it. I've never seen so many attorneys playing footsies in my life.

  4. Well, gee. I didn't mean to open a can of worms here.
    The irony of it is that I believe he has done a good job as DA. If he had an opponent, I would probably be blogging pro-Schuyler.
    In this case, however, I have to disagree with him.

  5. it seems that marvin's displeasure with burchett stems from burchett giving a child rapist a probated sentence instead of jail time. that tells me that marvin is doing his job by making that kind of thing known to the public.

  6. actually, if you talk with any of the lawyers that know anything about anything, or any and all of the other judges, they will all tell you schuyler put craig in the race as a power play. burchett "wont roll over for anybody" is how schuyler himself put it. schuyler wants to show the judges if you dont go along with me, i will put someone in the race against you. have any idea how the judges are going to react to this once burchett wins? some of schuylers biggest supporters from his previous campaign (mr webster parish included) are for burchett because they know he is a man of integrity. He is fair across the board to all parties, and a rare breed among men. however i dont think schuyler realizes the damage he has done to his own future by taking on burchett indirectly...i think if schuyler pulls any stunts prior to election day he is going to be beyond damage control.

  7. You know Jim, you made a comment that you have only just met Burchett and do not know his family and you have never even met Craig. How can you support the personal attacks against Craig. I have not seen a single attack against his record as an private attorney or assistant DA. It seems that everyone is mad at him for challenging a sitting District Court Judge which all of the judges say just isn't supposed to be done. WHY NOT are they above the process. Why not invite Craig to visit with you and ask him what he is about, you might be suprised. It seems there is a lot more support for him other that just Mr. Marvin, and why should he not support him, he thought enough about him to hire him in the first place.
    Also, why don't you find out a little more about Burchett's character, talk to the employees at Palmetto and Los Gallos resturant and find out how mean he is when he is drinking, and the Benton Police Dept who have had to escort him home when yelling at neighbors after drinking too much or the potential jurors who have been humiliated by him for no reason other than to let them know I am JUDGE, GOD of my courtroom (like me)he is truly a jerk. I have been following your blog for a while now and think that it is great for local information, but because of your one sided support for a man that has no business being judge of a 4H contest, much less over peoples lives, without getting much information from the other side, when this election is over I will not visit again and tell my friends to get their information elsewhere. I don't know Mr. Craig personally but know his family and they are fine people and a credit to our community and for you to support this campaign that is attacking Craig and his family personally and not sticking to the issues about Craig's ability or lack thereof is truly a dissapointment and I hope that you will be more democratic if you choose to get involved in future races.

  8. "How can you support the personal attacks against Craig."

    One commenter said:
    "We have done our research and it shows that Mike Craig is a deadbeat dad, deadbeat taxpayer and has a DUI"
    This was my reply:
    1. Not a deadbeat dad. If you read the record it will show that is not true.
    2. He has an IRS lien. He also at one time sued a bookkeeper who didn't file his taxes after he gave her all his info. That one can be explained.
    3. I can find no record of a DUI.
    Let's keep it real.

    I would hardly call that supporting personal attacks.
    After decrying my 'supporting the personal attacks’, you proceed to issue personal attacks against Judge Burchett.
    I think another commenter had it about right:
    “Neither of the candidates is perfect nor are they corrupt. What is seems to come down to is some think Burchett is a grouchy old coot who is set in his ways and some think Craig is irresponsible and not running the show on his own. The strong points are that Burchett is generally experienced and respected by the majority who work around him and Craig is a young, capable attorney and well liked in the community.”

  9. Jim your anonymous at 11:35. Why don't you ask a Benton Police officer about the escort home. Then you will see that this guy is full of crap. It never happened, this guy just makes things up out of thin air. And why would Los Gallos let Judge Burchett put a sign in their yard if he were so mean. Again, lies, lies, lies. State some facts, like dead beat dad, don't pay his taxes, DUI. Oh, and more to come this week I hear. Craig and Schuyler gonna be shi##en in their britchess. Heads will roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I did ask a Benton Police officer about that rumor this morning. He said he had never heard of anything like that.
    Maybe disappointed can give us some details.
    And Los Gallos does have 2 Burchett signs out front.

  11. The sign in front of Los Gallos was put there by the owner of the building, not by the employees who are treated so bad by him.

  12. Speaking of signs, everyone is quiet about the large Craig sign on a trailer that was left on Joe Festervan's property without permission. He made them move it.
    Then one was left at East Texas and Benton Road without permission of the owner. He asked them to move it.
    You would think a candidate for judge would have a little more respect for the law and the people on whose property his campaign is trespassing.
    I guess if it gets a few votes, it's worth it.

  13. Typical lawlessness by the Craig campaign Jim. But by now you know the Craig motto "if it dosn't sound sinister do it".

  14. I personally know Mike Craig's ex and KNOW FOR A FACT that he fought to have the custody and visitation rights he has with his children. Mike Craig is anything but a dead beat dad!!!!!

    And as for Schuyler Marvin he is the best DA that Bossier/Webster has seen.

    Mike Craig was running a clean campaign until Mr. Judge himself started mud slinging. Let see do I want to vote for someone who was on a payment plan to pay his taxes or someone who lets a child molestor out on probation to strike again. My vote is clearly for Mike Craig and as for you blogger "Mike" you will be the one messing up your pants when Mike Craig wins October 4!!!!!!!

  15. I totally agree with you! I know both candidates very well and know that Mike is going to be a great judge! I have seen first hand Mike's generosity to the community and to people in need. It is a shame that so many people are mud-slinging and making so many accusations about him and his family just because he wanted to run for judge. This is what's wrong with our State, should a person of intergrity remain neutral and not "rock the boat" just because someone has been in office for 20 years??? Or should he as a person with high morals try to change things and make a difference??? I vote for change and that is what is needed in this Division of the Bossier Parish Judges. So what if he has been there for 20 years! Change is obvious and I appreciate Mike for having the courage to stand up to the political machines that are trying so hard to damage his character with things from his past. I say lets move forward into the future with Mike Craig and change the past from Dewey Burchett. That is why Mike Craig is the best candidate for the job.

  16. Jim, in a previous post you said, "I only know Judge Burchett from saying hello in the grocery store or in passing, and just met his wife" but in this post you claim he told you “I was a fighter pilot, I’m not afraid of anything.” You sure did read a lot in to that simple hello at the grocery store!

  17. ok well what many of you dont know is when the criminals come before the judge whoever the judge may be.... the d.a's office makes the plea agreement to the judge and the judge rules based on that. most of the sentencing that goes on in the court room is bc that is the deal the D.a.'s office made with the criminals attorneys. and as far as the child rapist goes
    he had already went to tennesee and was in rehab for 2 years. the rapist turned himself in and what he ruled on was what the D.A. recommended. So you need to spend a little time in the court room seeing what really goes on. the judge does have the final say but it is usually what they agree on. just like when you watch tv the lawyers and the D.A. is the ones making the deals. The judge is the one that gets the deal and agrees to it. think about that for a little while.

  18. and another thing of course mike craig is nice to people right now he wants something. what pisses me off is i cant even go to a football game without having the d.a. employees in my face asking for a vote. i cant go out to eat without being interuppted asking for mike craig a vote. and another thing every where there is a dewey burchette sign they have one right smack in front of it. they are being ridiculous about this and that is reason enough alone that i wont be voting for mike craig. burchette has been a judge for 20 years and he is hard. you have to be hard to be a judge. you cannot make every side happy. you cant be everyones friend. you have to make tough decisions and you are not going to please everyone all the time. if and only if craig gets to be a judge you will soon hear negativity about him also. no one is perfect and the minor fact he ran when there will be 4 positions open next term is reason enough for me. no judges do not go above anyone in not having anyone run but u put yourself in a state office position and see how it feels to be voted out or have your job taken away bc someone ran against you insead of waiting for next term
    and what about the judges employees. they will lose thier jobs bc craig will come in and bring his own people. then that will be terrible for the people that have been working in the judges office for the last 15 to 20 years. think about that.

  19. hey anoy, i think you are the only one that will lose your job. did you not get a fan at the game? is that why you are so mad? or perhaps it was your idea to copy mike craig's fans so burchett could have his own for the next game. as for the signs, i have not seen any where craigs are in front of burchett's, whats the address??? as to the courtroom, do all the judges take 45 minute breaks to the "post office"????

  20. I can not understand how any reasonable person who has seen Burchett in action could believe he is a nice guy, or fair, or any of the other descriptions thrown around by his supporters. He is a total jerk and believes he is superior to you and can do whatever he wants. Despite Jim's argument to the contrary, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has to correct this guys ridiculous blunders regularly. Worse than that is the staggering number of victims of this guy's arbitrary and completely incorrect rulings that cannot afford the appeals process and must live with his rulings. I can personally attest to his horrendous treatment of individuals before him without any provocation other than them speaking their opinion.

    Being a judge requires compassion and understanding as well as knowledge of the law. I see little example of any of those qualities in Burchett.

  21. Pretty funny to me that the one posting about the DA office employees being at football games and other Mike Craig events is an employee of the judge's office and is at the exact same events campainging for Burchett!


  23. As for anyone in the Judges office who will loose thier job WHEN Mike Craig wins..... You should think about who you work for! Besides after 20 years isn't it about time for retirement?

  24. and what do the pools say exactly lately?

  25. what do the poles for the race say?

  26. what is this tax lien about on ktbs about mike craig not paying his 35,000 in taxes. i suppose that is a lie too?

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