Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike coming to visit Northwest Louisiana, East Texas

From the looks of it, Hurricane Ike will be affecting the Ark-La-Tex in much the same way that Rita did. We can expect thunderstorms beginning late tonight or early tomorrow, with east winds 20 to 30 mph gusting to 45 mph.
On Saturday night the winds will switch and come from the south at 35 to 45 mph gusting to 65 mph.
This means that most likely some trees will fall and electricity will be out in some areas. Flooding could also occur in places.
Ike is still a category 2 storm, but has strengthed during the night and could possibly be a category 3 by landfall. Unlike some storms, Ike is expected to be increasing, rather than decreasing in strength at landfall. This is not a good sign.
I will update this throughout the day and evening hours.
Here are some links to information about the storm:

Tropical Storm Wind Warning

Ike’s Impact on the area

Hurricane Local Statement

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