Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bossier Council will name Knight replacement next Tuesday

The Bossier City Council will decide on a replacement for James “Chubby” Knight at their meeting next Tuesday. Knight’s resignation will be effective tomorrow.
The people who have applied for the District 5 position are:
Dr. James Rogers
Larry Hanissee
Marsha McAllister
Mike Halphen
Cortez Bridges
Eliot Knowles
Tommy Harvey
Perry Smith
Dr. Rogers served on the council and chose not to run for re-election. If chosen, he would only serve until the fall elections.
Larry Hanisee lost to Knight in the race for the seat in 2009. He has said that he intends to run in the fall.
Mike Halphen, former police chief, said that he was interested in public service when he left the police job.
Tommy Harvey and Marsha McAllister have also indicated that they will run in the fall.
My prediction is Dr. Rogers, for two reasons. First of all, he has experience on the council, second, he has no desire to run in the fall. If not Rogers, then Hannissee because he was runner up and also has served on the council.


  1. Mike Halphen? I thought the city was finally rid of him.

  2. Mike Halphen seems to be trying to keep his name alive in politics. Maybe for the Sheriffs race?

  3. More likely for council.

  4. mike halphen run for sheriff? he's got my vote. he ruined one department so he has my vote to ruin another.

  5. Don't sell Mike Halphen short, he can get a lot of support from name recognition and from his record of public service. For everyone who bashes him there are two more who will support him.

  6. Without being disrespectful, regarding your post on this upcoming naming of Mr. Knight's council seat, I would like to point out, that being a voting District member of this district, that I feel all of your reasoning for the selection of Dr. Rogers or Mr. Hanisee are all the reasons the council should select someone other than either of those two candidates. This would give the council a fresh out look for our district.
    Bossier City tax payers no longer want this old school politics and we are tired of the "Good Ole Boy" frame of mind.
    The people of this district are taking note on how the council appoints this position and prays that the council will listen to the voters.
    We want someone new, someone with a genuine agenda, someone who has served their country and knows the meaning of truth, honor, integrity, commitment, hard work and someone who has a vested interest in the well being of the growth of this special city.
    After much research and some digging, the candidate that best fits the need of this district, is the dark horse in this race, the Bossier City business owner, Tommy Harvey.
    This candidate I did not know anything about before this special election was announced, but knowing now that this individual CMSGT (R) from the USAF and now business owner of the UPS Store in Bossier, if selected, I believe would best serve the people of this district with complete integrity intact, with zero hidden agenda going forward.
    Do the research councilmen, this is who the people of this district want in this seat. We would be honored to be represented by a man of such caliber.
    Furthermore, I agree with some of the disgust posted regarding previous leadership that is up for this position, but bashing his character in a blog site will not keep him out of the seat, take that to the polls and make sure you do your part to cast your vote for the right candidate.

  7. I think Halphen's ego is way too big for him to just settle being on the council if he's selected. I think he'll use it to aim for something higher.

  8. "that I feel all of your reasoning for the selection of Dr. Rogers or Mr. Hanisee are all the reasons the council should select someone other than either of those two candidates"
    You may be right - keep in mind that I am predicting what will happen, not necessarily what should happen.
    Everyone is talking in favor of change, and to be honest, I'll believe it when I see it.
    This Saturday will be an indicator as to what could happen this fall and in the 2013 elections.

  9. 8:57 watch how many people care. Less than 15 percent will vote Sat.

  10. If the people of Bossier City want a change, like several have stated, such as getting rid of the "good ole boy" politics, they will vote "NO" on the tax this Saturday. The council needs to realize the citizens want them to curb some of the spending instead of raising fees on all services.

  11. 11:07 your are an idiot. That is really how much you think you know about what is going on in Bossier City. The council has NO tax to vote on this Saturday. That is the Bossier Parish Police Jury to support THEIR jails.

  12. Okay, I put your comment up because factually your are right. There really is no need to call another commenter an idiot.

  13. I agree that 11:07 has no clue what they are talking about. Water and sewer have to survive on rates by the citizen approved charter. To cut services will require layoffs because 90% of the general fund is labor and 75% of that is public safety.

    11:07, learn before you offer suggestions and please don't put your name on your comments. It would be embarrassing for you.

  14. Perry Smith? There use to be a state trooper by that name. Is he one and the same? Not saying anything good or bad, just curious.

  15. 8:57

    I don't believe you one bit that you don't know Tommy Harvey. I would bet you know him very well maybe even be related to him.
    I have met Tommy before and he is a nice guy and would probably make a good choice. However, the members of the city council cares more about control than what the public wants. So Jim's prediction will be correct.
    I'm afraid we are going to have to wait until October if we want change.

  16. How does putting Tommy Harvey in the seat give the public what they want. I am part of the public and it is not what I want.

  17. Change starts tomorrow with the Marshal's election! Tomorrow's election will send a message, the citizens of Bossier are tired of the good ole boys taking care of each other and appointing them to different positions! The good ole boy is not going to make it this time, all of the harassment, threats, and slander did not work! Everyone want change, Go vote!

  18. I am so sick of hearing the words "good old boys" that I could spit.

  19. 12:39

    Interesting that you would say something like that. There are several good choices to fill the District 5 seat, and at this point, all we have is our opinion.
    Just because Anonymous 8:57 posted referencing their opinion, and their choice of candidate that doesn't make them related, to me it clearly sounds like someone is starting to do their own homework. This makes me want to do my own homework.

    Anonymous 7:28am

    Because I am currently serving our country, this is one of the reasons my service to our country is so important, so you and all the other bloggers have the freedom to post to a site like this.
    Good luck to you and your candidate, but I too think maybe Tommy Harvey might be a good choice for this seat.
    I will now do my own homework and make my vote count.

  20. 7:53
    First of all THANK YOU for your service. To the rest of the MyBossier bloggers. SPOILER ALERT: the decision has already been made. James Rogers will be appointed on Tuesday.

  21. WOW, @ 9:03pm....

    Seriously, is there a "Spoiler Alert", for the Marshal's race tomorrow?
    I wouldn't be surprised!
    Thanks for the head's up!

  22. April 1 @10:25 You are sick of hearing the words "good old boys!" Guess what! We are sick and tired of the good old boys!

  23. @April 2, 2011 9:55 AM - I guess we will see tonight!

  24. Dr. Rogers would be the perfect choice.

    Larry: Favorite at this point in october.

    Mcallister: Possible

    Bridges: Great guy but cant get it done.

    Knowles: Possible

    Harvey: Might be the best choice.

    Perry Smith: Words cant describe how bad of a choice this guy would be.


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