Monday, March 21, 2011

Local Politics Update

Marty Carlson had a column in The Press-Tribune on Friday discussing the School Board and the anticipated need for a new bond issue.
  • “As important as it is to maintain and increase the success of our local school system, it is equally important that the voting public understands – and has input – into school board planning for the future. Otherwise the BPSB may find this isn’t the same public it faced in the 2004 proposal.”
Read the article, it is spot on.

Jane Smith made her formal announcement for the Senate District 37 seat currently held by Buddy Shaw. No one else has formally announced yet.

The Bossier City Marshal’s race is winding up its last two weeks with the candidates making an appearance before the Republican Women of Bossier tomorrow evening.
Rex Moncrief at Conservative Drink gave his observations here. In case you missed the videos of their appearance at the South Bossier Assembly that were offered by the Northwest Louisiana Tea Party Alliance, here they are.


  1. Austin 1st round
    Edminston 1st round
    Whittington run off
    Hanisee run off

    Not good ole boys - voters choice

    ES get out your wallet

  2. Have you notices how much the commenting has almost stopped when being moderated?

  3. Looks good to me!

  4. Adley



  5. Bo in Plain DealingMarch 24, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Whittington!!! are you kidding me... he's been Deen's lap dog for 20 years!


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