Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Bossier Weekly Roundup: The Vlog 3-26-2011


  1. soap???? my god are we getting old or what. good job jim

  2. Soap....that was a classic!! Good job, Jim! I loved it!

  3. Jim,
    I thought city employees were not allowed to get involved in election campaigns. Now they are even making commercials for their candidate. These same people and more were at the fund raiser and even cooking. Check in to this.

  4. People who work for the city marshal are not classified (civil service) employees, and are not bound by those restrictions. Same for Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Tax Assessor etc.

  5. @anon 3-27-11 10:03 AM---I think it depends on if you are a civil service employee or "at will" employee.
    And who's fund raiser are you referring to? I believe there have been several.

  6. Nyuk! Dude, I had not thought about that program in years. Truth is, I really didn't think about it when it was on TV.

    I think I'm gonna switch to voting for Richard. Heck, he's seized horses...and livestock!!! That will certainly come in handy, I'm sure. I wonder if he's ever seized a goat. Just wonderin'...

    I'm wondering because I heard it through the grapevine that some guy from Haughton did it with his neighbor's goat this week. It didn't make the news, though.

    I guess nobody thought it odd.


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