Friday, March 11, 2011

My Bossier Weekly Roundup: The Vlog 3-12-2011


  1. Pretty funny Jim!

  2. Jimbo, I would compliment you again on the Vlog. But your head does not need to get any more bigger. Might have to call in FEMA...

    Dude, where do I start? Okay, I'll compliment you again. The scrollie-deal was bitchin'. And the timing was down-pat.

    Okay, at my own peril I'll go ahead on and say it...Buddy is a good guy, I'm sure. I'm sure a very fine man. At one time I thought Buddy might one day live in the big house. Really, I did. There is no doubt that he had the MO going on in his early days in Congress.

    Why he EVER abandoned it all to be goober has had me scratching my balding head for decades.

    An unknown like Roemer is NOT going to gather any steam between now and nut-cuttin' time in Iowa. It just ain't gonna happen. These are different times...and if you're not on "big-talk," or FOX every other day, you may as well save your energy, and work for someone that can win...unlike McCain, who Buddy worked for...

    I remember Buddy's actions as goober when the anti-abortion bill was passed. And, I have defended him often for his pragmatic look at the situation. He knew that we would lose, and it would take millions of dollars to defend the law. I am not one of those that rags on him about it.

    But, it will become an issue (if by some miracle he does gain any steam) with the crowd he spoke to this week.

    Look...I'm pretty sure Buddy could carve up ObozO in a debate. But, I'm not sure his style would sell with the public at large. Heck, anybody with FACTS, and even meager public speaking skills can destroy ObozO man on man (or woman on man/woman). And, I ain't talkin' about Palin, either. I've got my eye on a couple of Republican women that might do the carving.

    And to end it all...Buddy supported his kinfolk in the congressional race. I'm sure Melville is a good guy, too. But, the VERY FACT that Buddy openly supported a Democrat in a race against a Republican (with a very good conservative voting record) will sink him with the base.

    He can run if he wants to. But, it's a fool's errand.

  3. All true Andy, but if he can get on some more national forums with his limited contribution platform, he will force some discussion of the big money pit that the political parties have fallen prey to.

  4. That is right Andy. Buddy Roemer did support Melville (Democrat) in the race for U S House of Representatives. And Melville was supported by Rep. Barbara Norton. I am not supporting anyone that is in anyway associated with Barbara Norton. My politics and her politics are as different as sugar and salt.

  5. Aren't Roemer and Melville related? He probably felt obligated to support one of his family.

  6. David Melville is married to Buddy Roemer's sister.

  7. Indeed they are related. And, I can certainly understand how it might cause problems if he had not endorsed his BIL.

    But...we don't need someone making political/personal calculations in the White House.

    We need someone with a spine. And honestly, considering Buddy's politics (big McCain supporter), he'd probably rather have had a moderate representing him than John.

    Look, I'm not ragging on Roemer. He is who he is, and I have respect for that. But, the folks he spoke to in that vid are not a bunch of morons. They would soon get the FACTS, and he will be dropped like a hot rock.

    Once again...he shouldn't waste his time...unless maybe he's angling for a Veep nod (to kinda "balance" the ticket...because the Republicans are NOT going to make the same mistake this time of having a moderate at the top of the ticket).

  8. "because the Republicans are NOT going to make the same mistake this time of having a moderate at the top of the ticket"

    Famous last words?

  9. Ryan Gatti is not running for anything. I know him well.


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