Saturday, November 12, 2011

Channel 12 does series on Danielle Cox

I blogged back in August and September about Danielle Cox, the 15 year old Parkway High School student who committed suicide earlier this year.
Remembering Danielle
Bullying has Consequences
Jason Patrick Thomas of Bossier City is facing charges of Criminal Assistance to Suicide.
Thomas had sent more than 100 messages to Danielle encouraging her to kill herself.
In case you missed them, KSLA did a series focusing on this case.
If you have a teenager, I would encourage you to have them watch these videos. High-Schoolers need to be reminded that their actions have consequences.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The case will be back in court on November 22nd for a status conference.
Defense attorney Elton Richey was granted a motion for the State to present a bill of particulars to furnish:
  1. The facts the State contends supports the allegation that Jason Thomas knowingly and intentionally advised, or encouraged, D.C. to commit suicide on or about January 25, 2011.
  2. The facts the State contends supports the allegation that Jason Thomas participated in an act on or about January 25th, 2011, which caused D.C. to commit suicide.
  3. The specific acts that the state intends to prove at trial on the merits that constitute any of the following elements of the offense of Criminal Assistance to Suicide:
        a. That Jason Thomas advised D.C. to commit suicide.
      b. That Jason Thomas encouraged D.C. to commit suicide.
      c. The particular acts purportedly participated in by Jason Thomas, which caused D.C. to commit suicide.


  1. I hope he gets the book thrown at him. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison and never sees the light of day. What a piece of crap this guy is.

  2. We had a bill in the house, HB 112,that dealt with school policies prohibiting the harassment, intimidation, and bullying of a student by another student. Jane Smith and Henry Burns, among others in this region, voted down the bill. The bill would have helped curb bullying. I guess we can now honestly say that Jane Smith and Henry Burns are staunchly pro-bully. They were probably bullies in high school.

  3. A.J.

    I don't think that criticism is fair. That Bully bill had a ton of problems in it.

    Also the current Louisiana Bully law covers this situation

  4. Such as what James H. ?

  5. Such as what James H. ?

  6. Oh. What were some of the problems?

  7. Something you all should keep in mind. "over 100 msgs" doesn't imply 100 different actions. The site this high school boy used is a known prank site that sends multiple msgs all at once. In other words, 1 click, 1 action.

    It is sad that this young man will do serious jailtime for a prank gone wrong.

  8. Whether this boy sent 100 different single messages or a group, it doesn't matter. This was my sister and this boy deserves to face the full extent of punishment that is given to him. I hope he rots. It wasn't a 'prank gone wrong'. He knew what he was doing and he should suck it up and admit it. Simple as that!

  9. How can this be called a prank gone wrong and what is so funny about encouraging ANYONE to kill themselves!!!!!!! There is a special place in hell for people like this young man and others like him.

  10. Prank gone wrong???? Prank? 150 messages saying thinks like:
    no one will miss you...
    I hate you...
    You are stupid...
    Just do it...
    No body wants you here...
    All of the 150 text messages showed on Dani's phone as a different number which made it look like 150 different kids. How devestating could that be to someone currently contemplating taking her own life. She was depressed because of problems associated with Type 1 Diabetes, the problems faced by 15 year old girls in this day and age and from being relentlessly picked on by classmates each and every day she went to school, telling her things like:
    you don't have a future, you have diabetes and will be blind and have your legs cut off...
    callously laughing at her, making her burst into tears and run out of her classrooms crying...
    and so many more outrageous things that I cannot bring myself to write any more because I am Danielle's Grammy.
    I have been told by students that Jason knew of Danielle and her problems before he sent all those text messages.
    Prank....Not Hardly ( a grandmother's oppinion)


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