Friday, November 18, 2011

Election Day Saturday

Tomorrow is election day, here are a few of the choices that need to be made with my recommendations on some of them.
Amendment 1
To prohibit the levy of new taxes or fees upon the sale or transfer of immovable property, including documentary transaction taxes or fees, or any other tax or fee, by the state or any of its political subdivisions after November 30, 2011. (November 30, 2011) (Adds Article VII, Section 2.3)

Bossier Parish Proposition
Shall Bossier Casino Venture LLC, or its successor(s), be allowed to conduct riverboat gaming along land situated in the Parish of Bossier, State of Louisiana pursuant to approval of petition for change of berth from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board?

Police Jury
In the Police Jury runoffs, voters are faced with the following choices.  I have no recommendation, the voters in each district know their candidates better than I do.
District 1: Brotherton-Small
District 3: Bennett-Cooper
District 4: Carter-Cook

Caddo Races
A couple of other races that are catching some attention are the Senate District 39 race between incumbent Lydia Jackson and former Senator Greg Tarver.
Also the race in Caddo Parish between Lynn Cawthorne and Barbara Norton for the House seat currently held by Norton. Cawthorne is well qualified and would represent the district well. For this reason, and because Barbara Norton is a disgrace, I recommend Cawthorne.


  1. Hell no. Nyuk...

    Jimbo, I finally decided how I'm voting tomorrow. But, I have a suspicion that I'm gonna lose on the Parish Prop.

    Nothing new...I'm almost always in the minority.

    BTW, good luck to Lynn Cawthorne. I mean, like "praying for you to win" kind of luck!

  2. Best of wishes to Lynn Cawthorne and Lydia Jackson in their campaigns tomorrow. Two good candidates who deserve to be elected.

  3. If she is reelected it will be a confirmation that S'port and this particular district continues to embrace ignorance, racism in state government, and pathetic political representation. This woman is insulting and has no place in politics, especially at the state level. Her endorsers (whoever they are) should be ashamed and should cringe every time she tries to sound educated.

  4. it's a man baby!!!

  5. dude looks like a lady!!!!

  6. no no no ...u are wrong...planet of the apes...haaaaaaahahaahaaaahaa


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