Monday, November 14, 2011

A Scandal or Not?

I very rarely comment on national politics, but with the input today of a Ruston Physician I am ready to jump in.
Herman Cain, who is wildly popular in these parts, has been accused by 5 women who worked for him at the National Restaurant Association of making inappropriate sexual advances. Today Dr. Victor Zuckerman, who is a pediatrician in Ruston, came out in support of his former girlfriend, Sharon Bialek, who was the first accuser.
She said that Cain acted inappropriately.
Cain says he has no idea who Sharon Bialek is. Zuckerman said that Bialek introduced him to Cain years ago, and that Bialek also told him about the incident with Cain.
As for the other 4 women, I’m not that familiar with their stories.
A lot of people are suggesting that the Democrats are behind the women coming out, but I don’t buy that. The timing just isn’t right. If it is being orchestrated, and it probably is, it is by another one of the Republican contenders.
Indeed, Cain himself has blamed Rick Perry, saying it is ‘despicable’. Perry, in turn, blamed Mitt Romney.
I’m withholding judgment for a couple of reasons.
First of all, if there is more it will come out. So far it is ‘she said, he said’. It is better to have this fully vetted now. If Cain should get the nomination (and I don’t believe there is a chance of that), imagine more coming out when he is actually a candidate.
I’m also holding back because I have seen this a lot of times. It is a pattern, and hopefully Cain will be the exception.
1. The accusation.
2. The denial (I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky).
3. The attack on the accusers by the poltician and his minions.
4. More damning information comes out and there is an apology of sorts (I committed a serious sin).
That’s why I’m going to wait and see.
Now Herman Cain may be the biggest horndog in the country, or not. I have no idea. The problem I would have, as I have had with countless others, is that if something is proven, he has been lying to cover up. I don’t like liars.
If nothing more comes up, all the better, he can survive the storm.

Pat has this over at And So it Goes in Shreveport


  1. I don't know if Cain is guilty or not but I don't think that he will be the nominee and should not be in my opinion. He does not know enough about foreign policy. There will be an attempt by the press to destroy any serious republican candidate. They protected Obama in 2008 and I think they will do it again. I pray that it doesn't work in 2012.

  2. I think in the end it will come down to Romney. All the polls show Romney running better against Obama than any of the others.
    What it will come down to for a lot of people is whether or not they want someone who can win, or someone who is idealogically pure and will lose.

  3. I would like to have a pure conservative but I agree that Romney is probably going to win the nomination. Although I disagree with him on some issues, I will support him 100% against BHO.

  4. I was thinking this lady was the first to publicly accuse Cain instead of remaining anonymous, oh my did I say anonymous? There is a whole can of worms there that has been argued here a few times. Anyways, I tend to agree that this is not coming from the Democrats or the left. If I was them and I had all this info, I would wait to spring it on the public after he was made the rep pres candidate about a month before the election and keep releasing an accuser about once a week. But who knows, there could be more sinister forces at work here or all this could be true and he is paying for it now. I can't say who is releasing the info, but could it be that Newt benefits from this? I still think that if he had not run into this mess he had a real good shot at the rep candidacy.

  5. Don't see the republicans turning out for someone in a "cult". Not my words bu the way.

  6. I would not be surprised if this is a concoction of the Rick Perry campaign. Rick Perry is a notoriously negative campaigner, having linked his 2002 Gubernatorial rival to drug lords. (An accusation that proved false but effective)

    Rick Perry was also the one who brought up the fact that Mitt Romney hired illegal immigrants as landscapers. Perry is one of the best when it comes to slinging mud.

    I wouldn't buy the accusation that Democrats are behind this. One look at the Democrat's web page will show the careful observer that Democrats are already in full campaign mode against Mitt Romney. They've been attacking him for weeks and releasing ads. Simply put, the Democrats are hedging their bets and predicting that Romney will be the one to face the President in 2012. Herman Cain, they think, is insignificant and thus no attack is needed.

    I think Herman Cain showed much wisdom whenever he assumed the Rick Perry campaign to be behind this. His muddled answer on Libya, however, is another story.

  7. We currently have a president who likely satisfies the Victorian sexually pure ideal.

    How's that working out for you?

    We currently have a president who has lived in foreign countries and thus professes to understand foreign policy.

    How's that working out for everyone... here, there, and everywhere else?

    What we don't have and never will, as a nation of men, is a holy savior of any ideal running for president.

    It's about time we stopped expecting the perfect one to run, don't you think?

    ~~~ This comment should not be construed as being in favor of or against any particular candidate of either party for any office.

  8. Don't worry, Donna B. Your comment is not being construed as anything of substance or importance.

  9. I thought Donna made a good point.

  10. whatever else happens, please don't let this "scandal" distract anyone from the fact that cain is a complete f'ing idiot.

    that would be the real tragedy.

  11. Wheeler,
    I like how people like you call really successful people idiots. He has been the CEO of at least two companies. What have you accompliced with your life?

  12. You don't have to be smart to be successful. Just look at our last president.

    Herman Cain was just quoted as saying that the Taliban are running Libya. I'm skeptical of this idea, considering the fact that the Taliban is based over 6000 miles away from Libya.

  13. anon,

    yes, he was a ceo. yes he is an idiot. i've known enough business people to understand there is no contradiction. excellence in one field does not automatically equate to excellence, or even competence, in another. as evidence, consider the now infamous cain response to the libya question. when it comes to the knowledge needed to be potus, he's an idiot.

    as for my accomplishments, whether it's graduating in the top ten per cent from law school, becoming a successful lawyer, switching careers and becoming a teacher, running (not walking) four marathons, having three outstanding children, or being happily married without even the hint of a scent of any cain-type behavior, i'm quite proud of them. i'm more than qualified to insult mr. cain's intelligence and character.

    also, not sure if this is an accomplishment, but i'm also quite proud of my '08 Bullitt.


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